Demise Of Soros' Influence

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  1. soros probably covered that trade as soon as he was on cnbc talking his book. cnbc is usually played like a fool by the big boys.
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    Any type of "demise" for soros.. or his influence, will always be nonsense. Lets face it.. when he talks, people will listen. Esp currency traders. Deep inside he has to be laughing at his critics.. i know i would if i was him.
  3. why would a guy like that choose public disclosure like he did?

    usually when you publically disclose, wait a minute, you never publically disclose....
  4. soros is king of currency trading
    he broke the bank of england back in the early 90's
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    If I remember correctly Soros stated last summer that the Dollar would continue its weakness for years to suprise that he's short.
  6. Soros did not TECHNICALLY break the bank of England.

    He claimed credit for it, but the decision-mkaing and risk management was ultimately at the hands of one of his trader.

    Soros is overrated. Dont get me wrong: he's one of the top minds in the business. But get way way too much credit. Krieger on the other hand barely get any notoriety.

    If I am not mistaken, didnt he get charged for "insider" info by the French?

    And didnt his fund take a Huge hit a couple of months back???
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    Didn't he lose big when he bet against the Russian currency, and I recall reading yet one other time he lost a big bet as well, but I suposse the losses were more than made up for with his gains, or he wouldn't be around. When he cuts his losses short, he only loses a few billion.
  8. He's a Billionaire..aka a King...end of story.
  9. Whatever happened to Andy Krieger? At one time he ruled FX.

    I well remember the infamous Bank of England trade. It was just totally obvious that the Brits would have to delink and devalue from DM. Only question was when. Get that one wrong and you were toast as the pair did a nasty whipsaw before the delinkage.
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