Demise/Decline Of America Means Same For Europe

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    For the past 60 years the U.S. has been Europe's military deterrence. As the U.S. economy and dollar collapse the U.S. military will need to retrench back to nearby shores and waterways.

    Europe has enacted their socialist regimes at the expense of their self-defense knowing America was their unpaid military force ready to defend them. Soon they will need increase spending on their own military growth and research. Having invested in their social give away programs there isn't any money available to create a force capable of defending themselves. They are as broke as we are and going further.

    Sure, there is NATO for Europe and other alliances but you've seen how much NATO is available to help America. Alliances are only as successful as the members are willing or have the ability to go to war for each other.

    The world is soon to become a very dangerous place for countries to survive. If you don't have the military to defend your own country from regional enemies, you will eventually be drawn into war. Possibly nuclear war.
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    European countries are totally on their own now. The next despot that comes along (maybe Putin) can just walk into Western Europe and conquer it with almost no resistance. Perhaps Iran will lob a nuke or two into Europe or maybe the EU will just go tits up and disintegrate. They don't even realize yet that we don't have their backs.
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    Fuck Europe.
  4. One or two to a time or all-together? :D

    oh wait! nevermind.
  5. Yeah, they're waiting on a bailout from URANUS.
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    Minajatwa, of course. :)
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    This has got to be the biggest mess for the World since 1941. For the U.S. it is the biggest mess since the Civil War.
  8. nah the 30's were worse for us.

    But of course the bloom is still on the rose for this one , so you may be right but I think not.
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    It's been less than a week since we learned we are still earnestly on the path to destruction for the foreseeable future. Give the country a little more time to roll over and die.
  10. Short the Dollar, short the Euro. long the Yen , Long the Yuan. Its business.
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