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    Can anyone give me a brief explanation, or guide me to a website on DeMark Indicator? Help greatly appreciated.
  2. If you should have acces to Bloomberg: type 'TDRS'.

    If not, I'll try to give it a shot.


    The formula used in the calculation of the Tom DeMark "Pivot Points" are:

    The value of X in the formula below depends on where the Close of the market is.

    If Close < Open then X = (H + (L * 2) + C)

    If Close > Open then X = ((H * 2) + L + C)

    If Close = Open then X = (H + L + (C * 2))
    R1 = X / 2 - L
    PP = X / 4 (this is not an official DeMark number but merely a reference point based on the calculation of X)
    S1 = X / 2 - H

    Where R1 is the upper Resistance level, PP is the Pivot Point, S1 is the lower support level.
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  6. It starts here ...

    Coding DeMark Indicators

    I personally don't use his methods, but learning his approach can't hurt your education. I just found that there was plentyof money to be made while waiting around for one of his reversal trades. :D
  7. Until one of his reversal trades comes along and takes the money back, perhaps.