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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by RF Global Macro, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. New platform of DeMark Indicators from Tom DeMark himself. Two versions of $499 and $995 per month.

    I've always been intrigued by his work. Curious what people think about his indicators and the platform. I have no association with them.
  2. Retief


    It's crap. If it was actually worth anything, he wouldn't be selling it. Instead, he would be trading it himself and enjoying the riches. Finally, it is suspicious that a poster with only 8 posts is asking about it. It looks like vendor spam.
  3. His indicators are on Bloomberg, CQG and Thompsom Reuters. And I have read that he has worked with SAC and other funds.

    Just because someone sells something trading related doesn't mean it's crap. Although a majority of it is!

    I can see why you would think I would be a vendor but I have no association with them. PM me and I will provide my personal information to so you can verify it for yourself.

    I'm just interested in peoples experiences with DeMark indicators and what they think about this product.

  4. jesseah


    I think his indicators are the best there are. I wont put on a trade without checking them first. What most traders dont realize is that they are just an indicator. This is not something that tells you how to make easy money. Just as many traders use Bollinger Bankds, RSI, Stochasics, etc. , his indicators are a great trading tool - the best in my opinion. I'm not familiar with DeMark Prime, but he offered something for free on Bloomberg called TDRS. It was a chat room and screener that I found helpful in learnign to use his methods. However, when he started charging these prices I dropped it
  5. Surdo


    I am one of the few lucky ones that have TD SEQ, COMBO on TS!

    All he did was package his indicators for those that do not have access to Bloomie, CQG, or Reuters.

    Tom is the real deal, and his indicators are just another set of tools, not a crystal ball.