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    Anyone read the book DeMark Indicators, by Jason Perl?

    I've already read a ton of books on technical analysis, including the classic Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, but I'm always ready to read another good book on the subject.

    If you've actually sat down and read it, I'd like to know what you thought.

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  3. I'm thinking of buying it- bloomberg doesnt dick around with their books that they publish. They are usally decent.

    Bloomberg's paid for software also supports his indicators..

    lots of people are using them, though the 2 books I read of his were rather obtuse, and I was never able to systematically code the indicators as strategies and make money in a backtest- I think they are more of a discretionary tool.

    But supposedly he does work for SAC now, so there must be some utility in his work.
  4. The squiggly line is just another indicator that performs as do the other zillion. It works and doesn't but if you refine your reading skills it works better.

    His bar count stuff is interesting until you try to make real money with it and then you'll find, surprise surprise, it works and it doesn't work.

    If you combine them with other tools that work you'll know when to use De Mark's and when not... and then you'll discover the real value.

    Bar counting and close counting is best done with software. Ensign does it.

    Good luck!
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    the book seems decent; i have it, just haven't had time to read it yet.
  6. SAC kept him to themselves for a while, all of the sudden he is doing seminars and books are coming out, the cat might be out of the bag already.... his techniques are unconventional thats for sure.
  7. DeMark stuff has been selling publicly for many years.
  8. what is bar counting?
  9. you mean his two boooks and bloomberg indicators based of that?
    thats just generic material, im sure he was doing new cutting edge research while at SAC, to be seen in book #3 in a year or two, his old material is still selling....
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