DeMark Count

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by PAPA ROACH, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Does anyone here have the DeMark indicators? Unless my manual count is wrong, is today a 13 on the countdown for Dec Crude? If so, It is his strongest topping signal.

  2. One of the problems I had when using Demark indicators was trying to figure out the recycle component and tying in multiple timeframes. For instance on the weekly chart there was a completed countdown about 8-9 weeks ago that obviously didn't' work. Now we have just complete another setup on the weekly chart.(I assume this is the dominant timeframe) Previously I would trade this for a small pullback but very cautiously because if the countdown kicks in much higher is likely. If you look at the daily chart there have been continual recycles. Nov 6 just completed another setup which in most(But not all) instances Demark would say voids the countdown.
  3. Forgot about the recycles, very rusty on my demark. but a setup completed on tuesday, only way i can play it for a pullback over a weekend cautiosly is to buy puts. No way you can have a good weekend being outright short futures.