Demand to Know where Obama got 35 million

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  1. jem


    People are saying Obama is buying a 35 million dollar house.

    Where the hell did he get that kind of after tax dollar money?
    This has to be bribery... apparently Bush, Reagan and Clinton got housed too. (according to the article)

    this is simply unacceptable.
    That is a massive amount of money.

    People must not be allowed to buy former / sitting Presidents houses. Especially ones that cost 35 million. Who owes him that kind of cash? At the very least all donors must be revealed... prospectively.

    Democrats are already working to locate an acceptable property in Hawaii for the Obamas to live; this land and its complex of buildings must be ready to move-into in January and must meet all the requirements the Secret Service demands since the Obamas will be granted continued protection, by law, for nine years after Barack leaves office. The Reagans, Clintons, and second Bush family all had their post-presidential homes purchased quietly on the side by friends when their times in office were coming to an end. The Obamas are doing the same thing now.

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    note... re: crooked shit...

    Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to the President, purchased large tracts of tenement land near the proposed sites of all this construction hoping to cash in with a huge windfall when first the Olympics and then the Obama Library were supposed to be there. But neither of these things is coming to Chicago now.

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  2. 1) His "expected earnings" after his Presidency is over. :confused:
    2) He can "shake down" Wall Street people for money too. :p
    3) If he leaves Chicago, it's an implicit admission that it would never be safe for him to return to AND live there, especially in the event of another "Great Depression" that can happen sooner rather than later. :eek: :( :mad:
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    The funny thing about this is that the radical left wing media along with all the clowns at MSNBC spent a week talking about how Romney's 12 million dollar house had an elevator for his cars......

    I wonder how much time they will spend on Obama whose house is worth 3 times as much.

  4. pspr


    I'm sure he asked donors to pay for it. Remember when John Edwards had one of his donors give millions to Real Hunter to be quiet and his campaign manager stole most of the cash for himself? Nobody even went to jail over that. Edwards himself was tried and acquitted.
  5. Lucrum


    Obama, a "one percenter"?
  6. nice mansion.....
  7. It's a baseless rumor that he is buying the house. Who would buy a retirement home on the eve of his Presidential election?
    You would not do that if even you were behind in the polls.

    I can't believe you people are so gullible.
  8. jem


    Its baseless because he or his press secretary denied it... or because you are guessing.

    In absence of some massive change Obama is out, he knows he out... it. Its about saving seats now.

    But, even if he wins... he is going to make his base HI. Honestly, I believe this is just about his best presidential decision. Finally, who would not want to visit him.
  9. $35 million is insane.

    We should give Obama a mere $35 once he loses in order to relocate to a Kenyan mudhut.

    We should also relieve him of his invalid US passport.

  10. There you go Jem.:D.
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