Dem thinks AZ isn't a border state

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  1. I thought liberals were the educated bunch?

    County Supervisor That Supports Boycotting Arizona Doesn’t Realize Arizona Borders Mexico

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    Democrat County Supervisor Peggy West is a strong advocate for the City of Milwaukee to boycott Arizona over its immigration law. Shockingly, during a speech West revealed that she doesn’t realize Arizona shares a border with Mexico. West said,
    It seems like she believes Texas is the only state that borders Mexico!
  2. Ricter


    The problem is your thinking itself. "All liberals are this, all conservatives are that, all blacks are the other thing". Etc. But I suppose really you're just trying to grief.

    Claims made about liberal intelligence, made on this very forum, had statistical data to back them up. Higher averages, not a statement about "all" liberals.

    Now, if you happen to absorb this, and pass it on, please mention that it was a liberal that explained it to you.
  3. rew


    Obviously this woman has the intellectual qualifications to be a Democrat.
  4. You have reading comprehension problems.
    1) The OP mentioned education not "G" as measured by standardized testing.

    2) Even if you do ASSume more education= more intelligence, you are the only one throwing around the absolutes of "all".

    But soldier on my more intelligent, handsome ,rich, educated friend.:D
  5. Just another example of at least 50% of Americans having no clue... yet they get to vote to fuel their ignorance and racial prejudice while padding their own wallet. How will America survive the ignorant and greedy? Tsk, tsk. :mad:
  6. Perhaps in the same manner that your family survives you?
  7. 377OHMS


    Civil War and possibly a border war with Mexico.
  8. maxpi


    Democrat is not about intellect, it's about attitude. Repeat after me: I want everybody to share your money [and give me some too], I want everybody....

    Then it's: Racist! Racist! ...........
  9. Lucrum


    And her Messiah, The One, thought there were 57 states. And he supposedly attended Harvard. Obviously "Education", such as it is, just doesn't mean what it used to.

    Of course having education never guaranteed intelligence anyway.

  10. "all liberals are this"....

    to be a 'liberal', is to subscribe to a certain set of beliefs....

    which are, in my opinion, not exactly steeped in logic, or for that matter, any semblance of reality... Liberals live in a Dr Sues book, and the 80% of the country who don't categorize themselves as such, likely agree.

    it's just unfortunate that somehow this most vocal minority currently has legislative power over us all. I'd argue that the supposedly vicious right, is actually much too kind to these degenerates and imbeciles.

    ONE TERM .. Vote The Idiots OUT
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