Dem Stresses Loyalty To (incoming) Speaker Of The House, John Boehner

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    But is he really nothing more than your typical lying politician:

    Facing an uphill battle for re-election, Democrat Bill Owens is bragging about his allegiances to the other side of the aisle.
    In a new ad out Tuesday, the Democrat who won a special House seat in a conservative upstate New York District last year, declares he voted with "the Republican leader 63 percent of the time."

    That comes in response to charges from his opponent, Matt Doheny, that Owens has been a reliable vote for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – an accusation that could prove fatal in the state's 23rd Congressional District that had been controlled by a Republican for more than a century before Owens' victory.

    Owens was the victor in a special election late last year, when he faced Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava and Tea Party-backed candidate Doug Hoffman. The two essentially split the Republican vote in the upstate district, leading to a surprise Owens win.

    Responding the ad, National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Ken Spain said, "The very same site that Owens uses to back up his claim in his ad shows that he votes with his party 93 percent of the time."