Dem. Pollsters: If Dems. Ignore Healthcare Polls, Midterms Will Be Costly

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    If the Democrats fail on healthcare, they will take a beating in November. If they pass healthcare, it will be an absolute bloodbath for them in November! These Dem. pollsters are correct. The Democrats are in for less of a beating if they drop the healthcare legislation, but the sociopath's running the show (Obama) (Reid) (Pelosi) think just the opposite, and that's why the extinction of the Democratic Party will begin on November 2, 2010.
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    Official Doc Z. Prediction

    If Barry manages to pass health care this year not only will the house hold their Demo majority but Barry will be reelected in 2012 and the Demo Senate will gain seats.

    I personal would love to see Senate Republicans running against national health care in 2012 in an attempt to repeal "Mommy's," health care. The "media consultants" will have a field day with that. That my friends will be a sight to see.

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  3. IMO he will win regardless of healthcare. The economy will be relatively normal and that plus his oratorical abilities will be enough to secure a 2nd term. Anyway, it's not like there is a single credible Republican challenger. His is more likely to be assassinated than to lose an election to a GOP candidate.

    I am hoping for 2010 to be bad for the democrats in the elections, that should give a nice entry point to bet big on Obama winning in 2012.
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    There is some statistic, I can't quite recall, but it is basically that for mid-term elections, in cases where both house and senate are dominated by one party, and where the same party is in the executive, there are, except for just two years in our history, always a lot of seat changes. This applies to either party.

    So there is a near certainty, according to that statistic, that many democratic seats will be lost. The converse would also have been likely as well, obviously.

    Forgive me if I've butchered that concept, I heard it only in passing.

    The implication of course is that it has little to do with any particular issue or political stance, since those cycle or vary.
  5. 30 million people will soon have access to health care,that is a lot of democratic voters

    Parents will be able to keep their kids on their health ins until they are 26,that is a lot of democratic voters

    People will no longer have to worry about getting dropped by ins companies,lifetime caps,bullshit claim denials etc

    I cant wait to see repubs run on bringing back pre existing conditions denials,cant keep your kids on your ins until 26 ,telling 30 million people you will no longer have access to health care etc...cant wait to see it

    In Mass where there is Romney care that is similar to Obama care,7 out of 10 people like Romney care and only 1 and 10 want it repealed :)

    If this bill was a death sentence to the Dems,why are Repubs trying so hard to stop it :confused:
  6. I consider myself relatively open minded, but I cannot understand how, in the name of all that is sensible and credible, this can happen.
  7. Human nature.When you give somebody something,its hard to take it back.Obama will have given millions health care and millions more the protection from getting fucked over by health ins companies
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    Lucrum they can get fucked over by the federal government instead.
  9. In some cases. But many more of us will have our costs increased, or our private plans altered. What's more, little of this will actually go into effect by mid-term elections, and the one thing the people will remember is the cheap and sleazy way in which the Democrats went about this. THAT will be paramount in November.

    Even if by chance some folks see a benefit by November, who is more likely to vote for mid-term elections? People who are content or people who are pissed off?
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    ivanovich just gave you the bottom line.

    when costs and taxes go up.... it will be over for the dems.
    If they don't go up... when then it might be ok for Barry (as zhivodka says. )

    the uninsured... they already have emergency health care anyway. most of those people are either gaming the system or pissed off white people who are not allowed to access the free giveaways others get.

    The are not going to change their vote if they vote at all.
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