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  1. I am hearing this will not ever trade on NYSE again.

    OTC only.We'll see.
  2. Hey bestfriend,

    Could you explain your rationale for
    being long these airline stocks? Since
    they are pretty much guarenteed to
    eventually go to zero, isn't it pretty much
    a crapshoot in the short term?
  3. There isn't any rationale, I hate to say
  4. zdreg


    in the short run the survivors may do better and the price o fuelf oil may come
  5. Thank you Delta and NWAC.
  6. lescor


    The common will probably go otc eventually. DAL has preferred stock, which is basically the same as a corporate bond, that trades on nyse. These will likely remain listed.

    I'm long DNT and CYA.
  7. Huh! You just wait 'till somebody figures out how much all the real estate they own is worth! Whoever buys it today will look like a genius!


  8. More likely than not, Delta's stock certificates eventually will be cancelled, an action that would reduce their price to $0.
  9. arl


    Would you mind explaining why you are long the preferreds?
  10. lescor


    In a reorganization, the bondholders usually still get something, whereas the equity is wiped out. I want to see how the debt trades, to get an idea what bondholders are expecting to salvage here.
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