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    dell up, hahah

    next time this stock looks like its ready to go to zero please someone remind me to buy it.....amazing...
  2. Yea, I did not see it coming. Would had thought HP and Apple hurt Dell more.
  3. Dell will rule once again.

    Their business model is superior.
  4. Yea, but their computers suck.
  5. I will wait for the pullback, then get in. :) I thought they were going down, HP was/is kicking their butt. Hopefully this will help INTC! I'm hurting. :(!
  6. Yea, but with Apple entering the PC market with Intel, I think more people will use Apple over Dell or HP; especially now since you can run Winblows XP (and Vista) on an Apple. The performance is flawless. I replaced my Dole M 170 with a Apple Macbook Pro, and I love it. It is faster and more stable than the Dole. Can't really speak for HP though. I believe Apples marketshare has been steadily rising since Winblows on Apple is now able to be run without many problems. I remember CNBC stating Apple's total share in the home computer market was 2% earlier this year. Now it is around 5%. Doesn't anyone see where this is going...
  7. Don't think for a second that Dell can't undercut Apple by factor of 50% on price, if need be.
  8. Price, no doubt. Apple computers are more expensive than Dole computers. But the biggest problem for Apple was being able to run Winblows on their systems. Now you can. Dole does not mae much, if anything, on the low end computers. Their highend computers are what makes them dough. With Apple now as a direct competitor, times cannot look all good for the company.
  9. Why? I have a laptop and a desktop - the desktop for 5+ years, the laptop for 2. I never had a single problem.
  10. I know you think you sound witty with "Dole" and "Winblows", but it really makes you sound stupid. Try writing a normal post.
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