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  1. time to buy while its cheap?

    - nathan
  2. Why do you think DELL is "cheap" right now?
  3. its about to hit a 3 year low of 22.60
  4. da odds are not in u favor, usually sotcks gappin' down on report keep tumblin' for weeks to come..i mean look at intc'n'msft, innit[?]
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    MAy 28th, Intel will drop prices on Dual Core chips...

    In any event, I was going to buy at the beginning of June but am waiting until next year to get a Dell laptop with the Merom Chip and Santa Rosa chipset.

    Edit: oops. You were refering to the stock. In that case, I'd still wait because margins are about to get a little tighter. A sales boost should come around the holiday time when Intel introduces a new chip for desktop and laptops and when M$ deploys Windows Vista. Until then, Dell will probably languish.