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  2. Could you or someone else please tell me what that chart is telling you?
  3. Maybe he means that DELL looks cheap right now...:confused:
  4. Well I have been wanting to buy Puts on Dell ever since earnings came out but I haven't yet as I am surprised how its seems to be holding its own...

    So that is why I am asking him or anyone what that chart he posted is telling those experts in charting...If it is Bearish, then I just might get closer to buying those Puts..
  5. Held up Well? lost $6!!

    That's already quite a beating.
  6. Buy puts on DELL? LOL! Just save yourself the pain and send me your check.
  7. If you like Dell and think it has bottomed the best play right now I believe is to SELL the puts.

    You can bring in $1.20 for some Nov 35's - meaning if Dell has bottomed and the stock just stays where it is or goes up the $1.20 is in your pocket - and if you are wrong you'll end up owning Dell at $33.80, which is a pretty good price for Dell.

    If you want some longer term upside you could sell Jan '07 $37.50 leaps and bring in $4.20 of cash now, hold it for 15 months and then either have it expire when Dell by that time is over 40 (pretty resasonable assumption) or, again, you'll own the stock at a net $33.30, which is also pretty good price.
  8. It looks like the black diamond trail I snowboard at in Beech Mountain,North Carolina and we are now on the bunny slope:D
  9. DELL