Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by ARogueTrader, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. I am beginning to like DELL for longs.

    We are now down nearly 15% from the highs, lots of profit taking, and testing the 32.50 area, which is a minor support.

    Major support is around 31, and I suspect we get there.

    However, I am going to take some initial positions in DELL, as I think they do very well in the second half of this year.

    RSI and stochastics are reaching levels in which we typically see a decent bounce in DELL.

  2. Saint196


    Dell took a bath on Thursday and rebounded some what on Friday. I have nevere seen a company's balance sheet with all the green that Dell has. Based on the fundamentals, it would seem that Dell is worth $75 or more, but some reason the big money doesn't believe in it.
  3. Boomer


    i'm with you, dell is looking very attractive at these prices...
  4. DELL gapping up pre-market on earnings, up over a buck.

    Initial target 36 area.