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  1. Watch DELL if we fill the gap to bounce.

    I expect DELL to fill the small gap dating back to late August, which will likely coincide with testing the 200 day MA.


    I will either write puts, or buy outright if we test this area and hold.
  2. Did you buy DELL yet? Hit an intraday low of 32.64 so far.
  3. Not yet. I would like to see a few days of just stomping on the bottom. See the volume dry up, etc.

    A quick bounce from those lows is not the same as putting in the type of bottom of what I believe is a good swing trade. I think 2.5 points or more is available on a good swing trade from the 32.50 area (give or take a quarter).
  4. I ended up buying in at 32.34 and 32.47. Sold 1/4 of the positions at 32.75.

    I would have liked to see us spend more time around 32.50, so if we bounce quickly, I will not hold as long.

  5. Nice entry on Dell Rogue, are you planning this as a longer term trade and what targets/stops do you have in mind? Nice setup
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    Good trade today on dell rogue.....very interesting fill the gap theories. I use to play them back in the days. Have not tried it in a while.
  7. I have legged out of positions on the way up, currently holding 1/4 of position.

    Got out at 1/4 @33.23, 1/4@33.74, and now 1/4@33.97. Will hold remainder with a profit stop at 33.

    Too much too soon, gotta take those winnings.
  8. Nice call on Dell, ever consider starting a journal??