Dell XPS 8500

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  1. Anyone running one of these ?

    Pro's ?

    Con's ?
  2. Very powerful. No problems.

    Great if you need to run large, multi monitor setups. Otherwise seems like overkill.

    Great for running video though.
  3. My view of Dell desktops...

    Inspiron and Vostro = "El-cheapo", budget machines. Similar to other makers' basic computers.

    OptiPlex and XPS = "Better than el-cheapo", but still only average consumer machines. Overpriced for what they are.

    Precision = Best computers and best value in Dell's desktop lineup... have the best motherboards, features (excluding T1600/T1650).... Precision also has the best technical support... different department from their "consumer lines"... should be purchased from Dell Outlet.

    Alienware = Alienware was an expensive high-end gamer machine maker. Don't know the quality/value since Dell bought them out.
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    I have an XPS 8500. I picked it up on sale at Costco and it was cheaper than I have seen on the Dell site. So far so good, but I believe what Scataphagos has to say as he seems to be right on with computer knowledge.
    I agree Dell has been having problems. Our 1 year old laptop had to go back for repairs and have the HD replaced. My Vostro which was around the same age had to have the motherboard replaced and according to the local tech who came out, and research on the net, it is a common problem for this model Vostro.
    This after having my last Dell desktop for 12 years before it died and had no problems, other than kid made problems. ANother Delll desktop lasted 7 years at which point I gave it away , and as far as I know it is still working with no problems.
    Michael Dell should figure out quality sells, crap doesn't.
    On another note my main trading comp I built is going strong at 1.5 years no issues. Cross my fingers. :))
  5. Seems hard to do when your competitors are cutting quality so they can compete on lower prices... sort of "the way of the world" these days.
  6. If a guy were to BIY, should start with a quality mobo and PSU.... the two components where you can affect quality most. Gigabyte (world #2 mobo maker) has a line called "Ultradurable"... where they highlight all of the quality components. Don't know how much of that is fact/bluster, but that's something to be looked into.

  7. Thats why I build my own
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    I've had a XPS 8100 (1st gen i7) since Nov. 2010. Running two 24" monitors, broker only (IB)/TWS+ a few charts...Never had to use support. I'd buy another one, for sure...Support, I believe, is Far East based.

    I have, and also have had several used Precisions Workstations, where support is in the US. Highly recommended...I'd check out Dell's Outlet Desktops & Workstations. BTW, I've never used support for the Precisions...
  9. Never had to?

    I recall about 5 times to use Precision tech support (over the last 7-8 years and on about 15 machines). Two* RAM failures, two optic drive failures, and one "apparent" video card issue which turned out to be a problem with the monitor. Precision tech support was just what one would have asked for in all cases.

    *One of which turned out to be a run down mobo battery.

    In actuality, the only Precision component I could attribute to Dell quality was the one RAM failure.. which Dell replaced with overnight shipment.. the rest were "off the shelf" components... same as all OEM makers use.
  10. "Used Precision > new, "other Dell"... IMV
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