Dell XP Pro works on Dell XP Home comp?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dandxg, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. A question for those more tech savvy than myself. Here is the situation.

    I have a Dell with a COA for XP Home. I bought a an upgrade version of XP Pro from Microsoft about a year ago and the disk got damaged, my fault. :(

    Now I am having computer problems and I need to reformat and reinstall XP Pro. I could probably get with XP Home, but since I am considering going back to X Trader, which needs Pro, I would rather just fresh install Pro this time.

    Can I but a legit copy of someone's Dell XP Pro off Ebay, never used,never opened, and will it work because I have I have a Dell with XP Home COA? Or will it not work because my COA is for XP Home not Pro? I am getting conflicting answers from reading different forums on computers on the net. I figure some of you former IT folks and computer savvy folks might be nice and answer my question.

    If I can go the Dell route I am going to take the money saved, right away, purchase Acronis Image and back up hard drive. It's about $100 difference, not big, but being a fairly new trader I am trying to use my money smartly. Thanks much,

  2. Call Microsoft; you need your legit XP upgrade serial number; It may gives you a replacement for your damaged cd.
  3. I agree that makes sense, but I don't want to reinstall an upgrade version, which is what I paid for and was damaged. I want a clean full install of XP Pro. That's why I am asking the collective computer brain trust of ET if going the Dell route should work or do I need to pony up for a new/full install of Windows XP Pro?