Dell Will Sell Computers at Best Buy, SAD, SAD, SAD

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    Wasnt their business model the other way around, to sell directly to consumers. They really are hurting to jump into retail stores. I dont think its going to work as well as they think its going to work. Dell has lost their leadership over the last decade.

    Dell Will Sell Computers at Best Buy
    Thursday December 6, 12:37 pm ET
    By David Koenig, AP Business Writer
    Dell, Venturing Further From Direct Sales, Will Start Selling Computers at Best Buy

    DALLAS (AP) -- Dell Inc. is venturing further from its direct-to-consumer sales model and will start selling computers at Best Buy stores in January.

    The companies said Thursday that Best Buy Co. will sell Dell's XPS and Inspiron notebook and desktop computers at more than 900 stores.

    Dell built its business around selling personal computers directly to customers, but it has been cutting deals with retailers as growth of PC sales slowed. The Round Rock, Texas-based company lost its spot as the world's No. 1 computer maker to Hewlett-Packard Co. late last year, and HP has stretched its lead since then.

    Dell officials believe Best Buy gives the PC maker a presence at different levels of the U.S. retail market. The company already sells modestly priced PCs in about 3,000 Wal-Mart stores and targets small-business owners through a retail partnership with Staples Inc.

    The computer maker, however, will miss the pre-Christmas sales traffic at Best Buy.

    That suggests negotiations with Best Buy were difficult, said J.P. Gownder, a technology marketing analyst for Forrester Research Inc.

    "Gosh, it would have been nice to have this available about a month ago so they could have taken advantage of Black Friday," he said, referring to the big sales one day after Thanksgiving.

    Dell spokesman Bob Kaufman said the company "recently launched a number of initiatives with retail partners around the world, and these things just take time to develop." He said January is "a very heavy buying season" for consumer PCs and notebook computers.

    Besides Wal-Mart and Staples, Dell already has arrangements with Bic Camera Inc. in Japan, Gome stores in China, and Carrefour Group and Carphone Warehouse PLC in Europe. With the Best Buy agreement, Dell machines will be sold in nearly 10,000 stores around the world.

    For many years, Dell resisted selling computers in stores out of fear it would dilute the company's image of building machines to the customer's specifications. The direct-sales approach was a success with business customers and seemed to work well with consumers, too.

    But consumers now are more interested in style and computers that match their personality, a development that has helped HP and other brands that are readily available in stores, Gownder said.

    "This is very overdue," he said. "Even if this cannibalizes some of (Dell's) direct sales, they'll be able to compete head-to-head for market share, because right now they're getting their lunch eaten by HP. Dell had to make this move. They're hemorrhaging in the consumer market."

    Dell has added colors to its Inspiron and XPS notebooks in a nod to consumer tastes. It has also beefed up high-performing machines to entice gamers.

    Richard Shim, an analyst with IDC, said selling through retailers is risky -- Dell will be relying on Best Buy sales personnel. But he said there's a good chance Dell would succeed in shelves already crowded with machines from HP, Toshiba Corp., Apple Inc., Sony Corp. and others.

    "They have the brand name, they're viewed as being a good value, and they can pass on the advantages of being as big as they are," he said.

    Shim added that Dell must continue to produce more innovative, attractive machines and change its marketing to appeal to consumers.

    From Best Buy's perspective, the deal with Dell adds another name to the chain's lineup of PCs.

    Dave Morrish, a Best Buy senior vice president, said adding Dell would give its customers unprecedented choice in buying a computer.

    In midday trading, shares of Dell rose 43 cents, or 1.8 percent, to $24.74, and Best Buy shares rose 47 cents, or nearly 1 percent, to $52.29.
  2. They already are selling at Wallmart
  3. Why is this sad?

    Who says one's business model should never change?
  4. 1. Years ago Dell sold at the big box retailers, then withdrew.

    2. Dell bought Alienware not too long ago... Alienware had been in at Best Buy for years.
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    Dell computers are available right now at Staples. Why is this a bad thing??
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    I never said it was bad, its just that dell brought about a whole new method of selling personal computers. Not only has their way of selling computers changed, but customer service is just as bad as the customer service in HD. go dell.....

    Also heard that alienware sold out when they were bought by dell. Dell is getting desperate, AAPL and HPQ are really eating into their bottom line.
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    The first Dell I ever bought was at a Sam's Club back in '92. It didn't hurt em back then.