Dell Warranty Extension

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by CPTrader, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. My Dell warranty is about to expire and I have been offered by Dell the ability to extend for another year for about $200.

    Is this a good deal? Is it worth it.

    I hope to get a new laptop within the year, but in the interim, I would like to be protected.

    Any thoughts? Are there any coupons available online to reduce this price?

  2. Any one care to respond??

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  5. I think you can use the $200 to subsidize the laptop purchase and make the purchase sooner. You can then use the Dell as a spare.
  6. Odds are you don't need/won't use an extended warranty. So I'd save the $ and use for your next purchase. Only exception might be if you really can't afford to do without your computer and can't afford to fix it should it break. But $200 seems to put the odds squarely in Dell's favor.

    Next time buy with a credit card that automatically extends the warranty for 1 year. Many of the major cards now offer this feature at no cost.
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    I don't believe in purchasing warranties for depreciating technology. However, if you do, then in the future you may consider getting an extended warranty through Squaretrade when you purchase the item. Also, if you purchased the Dell using a credit card, some give you an extended warranty for free (for example, Visa Signature cards).
  8. For a system sitting inside a building? Not worth the money.
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