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  1. Anyone here own a Vostro Laptop? My wife is thinking of getting one for general use (internet, e-mail, itunes, etc). I may do a little light trading on it when we travel. Just wondering if this is a solid machine? We're eyeing the Vostro 1500 line. Going to stick with Win Xp...

  2. Any pros/cons to the Trulife screen? I've heard some say it produces a lot of glare and others say it's great.

  3. Well, it depends. Yes, there CAN be glare just like a glass panel. However, wouldn't you be able to move or orient yourself or your screen to eliminate it?

    There isn't glare all the time, just when you have a light at your back and it reflects off of the screen into your face.

    Personally, I wouldn't have a notebook without the Brite Screen. And get the high resolution, too. You'll be glad you did.
  4. Have one dirt cheap and functional fine for surfing, basic tasks. I would get the 17 inch screen. It helps.
  5. GNOME,

    So your saying to get the higher resolution screen? I'm looking at the 15.4" ws Vostro 1500. I'll have to look and see if they offer a better screen. I think I will go with the Trulife (bright) screen. It's a free upgrade right now.

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    I was thinking about buying one too, after the e-mail from Dell. I have a couple hours 2 times a week,while my son is taking some classes. I'm planing to use it for a little programming on my VB6 during that time. will it work for couple hours?
    Or maybe someone could recommend a good place to buy a cheap laptop?
    I have zero knowledge about them. Any input is much appreciated!
    Thank you
  7. For sub $1,000 you can get a functional laptop. Get dual core processors (intel chip is more expensive). Hard to say what is best under $800. Hp, toshiba, Dell are are ok. Not really an expert here. I do like a larger screen, most of the time the computer is on your lap or desk so larger screen is worth it. I have 15.4 screen with Dell and its ok, but for charting ,surfing reading a larger screen is better.
  8. basic dell under $800.

    may want to compare features to other competitors on
  9. I have a friend who works tech at Best Buy.. she likes Sony notebooks, but admits they're overpriced. Her next fav is HP.

    Fact is, about 90% of the world's notebook computers are made by 5 companies in Taiwan and/or China and rebranded... there really isn't all that much difference between them at a price point.
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