Dell Vostro... 4-Monitor... Quad or 2 Dualheads... Anybody Using?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Seems some ETers have tried to run the NVS 440 and/or 2 video cards on the Vostro... but the mobo isn't cooperating.

    Anybody using the above to run 3 or 4 monitors?
  2. gnome,

    who is having a prob with this?

    I was thinking of purchasing this exact setup cause I can get it with XP, and its pretty cheap.

    Is there dedicated graphics on the mobo? I've rarely heard of a mobo not running multiple monitors if they are of the same type (cards, not monitors).

  3. Yeah, that's the common sense. However there have been at least 2 fellas I've tried to help get set up but no joy. Dell has even said, "won't work"... Apparently the mobo/chipset is prohibiting the use of more than one video card.

    And yes, it does have onboard video... which if you've read my stuff before, I've cautioned against getting such a computer if one intends to run multi-card rigs. (On some mobos with onboard video you can disable the onboard and run 2 video cards... but apparently not on the Vostro.)

    Unless a few ET'ers chime in and say they are running quads or dualheads on Vostro, I suggest you look to the Dell Precision T3400. It has a much better mobo anyway.

    If you want cheap, check out the Dell Business Outlet... just a few minutes ago I saw a T3400, 2GB of RAM, but only E4400 CPU, + NVS 290 dualhead (but that's plenty powerful enough for trading)... for $589

  4. I bought the vostro 400 with the nvadia card. It was the higher end card. 8600 gts I believe.

    I just put a nvadia geforce 5200 pci card in. It was a pain but it is working fine.

    I am running 3 monitors.

  5. What was "pain" about it? Driver something? The 5200 comes in many varieties... is yours the dual DVI?
  6. Thanks gnome. I was looking at the t3400 also.
  7. Dell has had low end and high end systems all along. The T3400 is like mid-high, and well priced. I was surprised when I saw what they are offering and at what price.
  8. Wow, where have you been the last week when I could have used your input?

    I tried putting in an eVGA GeForce 6200 PCI card into my brand new Dell Vostro-400 and I couldn't even get the computer to power "on" . . . It didn't matter if the integrated video was disabled, or if current nVidia drivers were used. The computer still would not power "on".

    In the meantime, I have run into a couple of other Dell computer users over in a Dell Community Forum that have had the exact same issues with GeForce 6200 cards.

    Strangely enough, I was told by nVidia that the FX-5500 and the FX-6200 were compatible with my 8600 GTS PCI-Express card that came on my Dell Vostro. ( they all use the same driver ).

    I sent the computer back, and am now seriously looking at the Precision T3400, which is not all that expensive, yet comes with 2 PCI-Express slots, a choice of two power supplies that are much stronger than the 300w unit in the Vostro, and more flexibility overall.
  9. No mine is the cheap $50 card. Two vga and one s-video.

    Pain was the computer would not recognize the card. I had a friend to it for me. He said drivers on nvadia site were a problem.

    Dell has their drivers for cards. Maybe that would be the better place to get them.

    I was at Frye's and didn't know what slots the Vostro came with but I knew it had to have pci slot so I bought that card.

  10. Who was the manufacturer of your FX-5200?
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