Dell Ultra-Sharp 24" Monitor Sale

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Landis82, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. I was trying to buy the U2412M Ultra-Sharp from Dell's Business Outlet site this morning for $279. Comes with a 90 day warranty cause it is in the "refurbished" category at the Outlet.

    In any event, I call up Dell Business and the sales guy says to me..."How'd you like to purchase that monitor BRAND NEW with the 3-Year warranty for only $276.65 + tax and free shipping?

    I said, "IM IN!!!"

    Unreal price for a 24" IPS technology monitor.

    It's currently being offered for $40 off of $369 on the Dell Business website. $329.00

  2. That's a better price than I paid for my refurbished ones I bought last year.
    I've got two, if I needed another I'd jump on it at this price.
    I'm not a monitor expert but I like mine.
  3. i have them but I still want something beter, do i need to go to eizo monitors?
  4. I'm confused. Is the deal the $279 price or the $329 price? If it's the $279 price, are you saying we just need to call them up?
  5. I was able to negotiate a good price for these when they first came out, I bought 3 of them, but not as good as 276.
    I am still happy with them, you can’t get anything in that price range that is as good as the u2412m.
  6. The refurbished price is listed on the outlet site at $279

    The BRAND NEW U2412M retails for $369.00 with a 3 year warranty. Currently, it is $40 off on sale for $329.00

    My Dell salesguy sold me the BRAND NEW U2412M for $276.75

    In other words, he took 25% off the new monitor and it wound up costing less than the one listing on their outlet site (only a 90 day warranty).

    Free shipping too.
    Taxes were $22 and the recycling fee was $8 for my State.

    Call: 1-866-207 5797 ext. 2502
    Ask for Allen

  7. Very nice, esp since it's VESA ready.

    I found from trial and error the pain of mounting if your monitor is not VESA ready:

    Saves time and money if the monitor is ready to go out of the box. Even if you get 1 or 2 now, having that flexibility later is nice. I started with 2 monitors that has morphed into 4 and having to buy VESA mounts was a pain and extra cost not needed if the monitor was VESA ready.