DELL 'tank' creates a NQ, QQQQ, QID play tomorrow...11/30/07

Discussion in 'Trading' started by increasenow, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. DELL 'tank' creates a NQ, QQQQ, QID play tomorrow...11/30/07...with the huge NASDAQ uptrend divergence from recent lows and this DELL AH tank...the market is overbought and due for 'minor' one day correction...look for early downside tomorrow in the AM and dip buying after agree?
  2. bought some QID right after I saw DELL dropping in the extended hours. I'll only buy after the Nasdaq closes above the 50 day average (today's highs)
  3. NQ futures haven't been affected yet, so I think the market could go either way. You would think that DELL tanking would put the NQ futures in the red at this time.
  4. I agree. I only took a small position. If tomorrow we can break todays highs and close there I am going long. If not I'll hold my small short until next week.
  5. Short the ER2 the reaction play out as the European market opens tonight.
  6. I'M a friggin loser so its does'nt matter what the market does. i let myself get into such a mess,i don't think i can get out of it this time. very very bad situation.
  7. well... after DELL came out with earnings the techs stocks were mostly lower. I was already making money in my QID. Now I checked after Bernanke and everything is up. Check MER, AAPL,RIM, QLD in the extended hours. Everything turned around.
    If this market opens higher tomorrow I am closing my QID immediately and going long.
  8. well this post proved 3 points today in the trading