**DELL T5500/T7500** Warranty Related

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by WinstonTJ, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Dell is replacing my Xeon w5580 CPUs in favor of Xeon x5680 CPUs, essentially a 1:1 swap however the w5580 is a quad-core 3.2ghz CPU and the x5680 is a six-core 3.33ghz CPU.

    They reached out to me and I'm being told that the difference is that the x5680 CPU is built with 32nm technology and therefore runs cooler versus the w5580 which is 45nm tech and draws more power/runs hotter.

    This is a free 1:1 upgrade, I was offered the option to exchange to the x5690 CPU for an extra $114 per CPU (which I chose to do).

    If you own one of these boxes - a Dell T5500 or Dell T7500 and have a w5580 I suggest you call your Gold Rep/Acct Rep ASAP about an exchange. I'm not sure if this is a company-wide recall or if this is selective but they contacted me not the other way around.

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  2. And some ETers rag on how they "hate Dell"...
  3. haha yeah, anyone who calls me up saying it will only cost $228 to upgrade from a w5580 to an x5690... or just pay $0 for a pair of x5680 cpus... pretty good deal imho.
  4. "pretty good deal"?. As they say in the military, "I hope to shit in your mess kit!" :D

    Dell must have received a proper credit from Intel to make that work.. still, Dell didn't HAVE to go this this effort for you.