Dell T3400 Refurbished Inventory

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    ET Refurb King strikes gold !
  2. Is the Dell T3400 Precision better than this Lenovo for only $599? I have had IBM workstations for a number of years and rarely ever had problems with them or their powerfulness. Lenovo bought IBM's computer division a couple of years ago, just in case you didn't know. But do you think this would be better than the dell? I always hear how Dell uses low quality parts. However, I have never owned a Dell. Only have had a Sony Vaio, a couple of IBM workstations, and a couple of privately built costume computers.
  3. 1. Almost all of Dell's components are "off the shelf", same as other makers. What is different is that they have in recent years been using Foxconn OEM mobos. (Foxconn recently became the largest mobo maker in the world.) Are they as good as name-brand? Some would debate.

    2. As Dell classifies the T3400 as "workstation", we should presume it actually is and has a server-grade mobo.

    That Lenovo is definitely not a workstation.. has a budget mobo with onboard video... no comparison.
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    What refurbished DELL would be a good baseline system to start trading with- I cann add power to it later if needed. Or just get new one more powerful later.

    Plan on running a interactive brokers platform with front end plus esignal with a few charts at once.

    Would like to add additional monitor later as needed. Sp dual monito capable.

  5. Unless you're looking to spend less than $549, no need to consider "refurbished". The current Precision T3400 base model (E4500 C2D, 1G RAM, WinXP Pro, NVS 290 video) is plenty of machine and a good value right now.

    However, there is one for $719 right now which would be just North of $1,000 if purchased new...
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    thnx gnome
  7. There's a couple of these with an Intel Core®2 Extreme QX9650 (3.00GHz/1333MHz/12MB L2). They also come with a 525W PSU. But they're not cheap, costing over a thousand dollars. :eek:

    Overkill for a trading rig?
  8. Overkill? Certainly for most of us. In trading rigs, the CPU idles most of the day. Certain apps and functions will use some CPU, and you should understand if you're using such. (I remember trying a custom formula in Metastock on some RT data... the CPU was humpin'... otherwise, it's barely used at all.)

    Also... while Dell provides good deals on their "base" units, they charge excessively for upgrades. Sometimes, however, they offer a good discount on an upgraded unit and it turns out to be a good deal. Like right now. They have a deal on a Quadcore Vostro, etc for $599, but it's $410 discount from regular price.

    However, I heavily favor the T3400 over the Vostro because of the mobo... especially if you intend to run more than 2 monitors.
  9. Well, I was looking at their base units and seen they dual core and 1GB ram for around $550 and Quad core CPU and 2 GB of RAM for around right around $719. Those seem like excellent prices for a trading rig. Some even had dual video cards.

    But here's what amazes me. I found a Dell T3400 in Refurbished Inventory that has the Intel Core2 Extreme QX9650 CPU and 2 GB of ram with a single NVS 290 and XP Pro card for $1069. I thought that was an amazing deal. I know you don't need that much horsepower but you could throw another 2GB or RAM in that (since its currently configured with two 1Gb sticks) and you'd have a very fast powerful computer. You could run Excel and do some major number crunching while Ensign along with IB and it would it wouldn't even blink. The Intel Core2 Extreme QX9650 is the new 45nm Quad that runs at stock speed of 3.00GHz with a FSB @ 1333MHz and a whopping 12MB L2 cache! Safe to say it's gona run just about anything for the foreseeable future. Plus it has a 3 yr warranty. And here's the kicker; If you go price just the CPU and it's like the same cost as this Dell. So I figured why not get this Dell with the faster chip for about the same cost as the chip itself!
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