Dell T3400 or stick with what I got?

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  1. I have a potential reason to upgrade my computer (relative looking for a computer for cabin, offering to give them my current PC so I can upgrade, etc.) but I'm wondering how much performance I'll actually gain?

    Current PC is a Dell 8300 with Pentium 4 CPU 3.0Ghz and 1 Gig ram.

    Looking at upgrading to the T3400, which depending how I configure, I can get for under $800.

    Software I'm using is eSignal, brokers platform is Java based and one other broker with a stand alone platform.

    Will the difference in performance justify spending $800?

  2. Maybe. Your D8300 is still fully competent for trading.

    C2D's strong suit is multi-tasking, so good for trading.

    If you bought a base T3400 from Dell Outlet site, it would significantly outperform your D8300 (though you might not see too much of an improvement in your trading rig... they're usually not all that demanding upon a system, you know)... for about $459 + upgrades. If you're going to upgrade the CPU "a lot".... like add a quad or something, suggest buying it at Newegg and installing yourself.... save a few hundred $$.
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    The only problem is Dell's customer service is horrendous.
  4. Not true on their Business Lines... like Precision. It's quite good, in fact.
  5. The computer you currently have most definitely could use an upgrade (1 GIG of Ram just isn't enough when you start loading on serious apps and have a need for speed), so I would say go for it, it's probably worth it.

    If you buy any machine from Dell, though, be sure to make up a business name for yourself (ie, "Acme Trading", etc.). Because the quality of the machines and customer service on the retail side really suck.
  6. Would simply upgrading my RAM to 3 or 4 Gig be all I really need for an added performance boost?

    I thought I read on here, from gnome, that the CPU has little effect on the performance of trading software?? But, above scataphagos says "C2D's strong suit is multi-tasking, so good for trading."
  7. You'll probably get virtually zero performance boost by adding more RAM. Except for something like photo editing, it's difficult for XP to utilize more than 1G of physical RAM.

    When you're multi-tasking, a single CPU system has to juggle its time allocation to all of the apps to keep them current as best it can. A C2D has 2 cores, so it has twice as many "handlers" of data and functions.

    However, even a single CPU system is good at keeping everything current.. a C2D is even better. But your D8300's P4 is still very competent for trading requirements.... though it must be 6-7 years old now?... how much longer you plan to run it?

    Where you'll really notice the difference is when you are running a CPU intensive app while doing something else at the same time. With a C2D, you can even run two CPU intensive apps at the same time with no slowdown... a separate core for each app.
  8. Thanks for the reply.

    So if I went with the 3400, with XP, is more than 1gig of ram worth it?
  9. Not really. However 2G and 4G kits have become very cheap. I wouldn't buy extra RAM from Dell.. they overcharge too much. Online vendors often have RAM kits with rebates so that you can upgrade for virtually nothing if you care to. If you're running Vista however, 3-4G RAM on 32-bit, and 4G or more on 64-bit.
  10. The real question is ... what are your specs? :confused:

    If you have multiple monitors (3 to 6), multiple trading apps (order entry, charting, data analysis) and excel open, as well as a browser open when trading, and if you are short-term trading vs. longer-term day or position trading are all of the questions that need to be answered when putting a machine together.

    RAM is cheap, and you definitely want more rather than less (3G to 4G).

    Word to the wise, don't get Vista for your trading machine. Stick with XP and you can upgrade it when they come out with something that is more stable.
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