Dell sux...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by riskarb, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. Placed an order for two Planar 19" LCDs over a week ago, status consistently states, "In Production" when I call, after getting the run-around I find that the monitors are on B/O and they have no idea if they'll ever get them in...

    Dell charged my card, telling me that they NEVER do that unless it's shipped. Wow, that's certainly in conflict with my inline VISA statement.

    Michael Dell, go to hell.

  2. my experience was quite positive
  3. Bully for you.
  4. Boomer


    how are their lcd's (19) compared to others such as samsung?
  5. well what do you want us to do about it

    take it up with Mike.
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    I have had something like this happen only to find the computer sitting on my porch in a day or two. Maybe you'll luck out and they're on their way.
  7. Nothing... I wasn't asking for your opinion, if I want it(your opinion) I'll give it to you.

    I was informing the members of a public forum that Dell's order fulfillment and CS dropped the ball and did nothing to fix it, but obfuscate the situation with conflicting information.

    I thought it relevant to the hardware forum, knowing that ET traders send Dell a lot of business. Anyone ordering from Dell would be well-advised to call in for a concrete lead-time. Better yet, go to and buy one of their Talon/AMD systems.

  8. I've yet to use it, but I've seen them in a trading environment, much better color saturation than NEC & Samsung and 700:1 contrast.

  9. That would be nice... I'm now told they're going to ship it overnight, although the first CS rep told me that they're no longer ordering from Planar and I should get a credit since it is definitely NOT in stock. Oh bother...

  10. The last time I ordered a Dell computer they said it would arrive in
    a week. Six days later they sent another email telling me it would
    arrive in two weeks. The next day it arrived on my porch. Goes to
    show you Dell doesn't really know what it's shipping process is up to... :D
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