Dell Support... Nice New Deal On Drivers

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Used to be, you had to enter a Service Tag number to be directed to the proper selection of updated drivers.

    But in the last few days, Dell Support has changed so that you can enter the computer model and find the drivers... very much better!

  2. bl33p


    Umm, it's been like this for months at least. Very nice, but not so nice is that they removed XP driver support from computers which have not been sold with XP as factory option, even though Dell has such drivers. I wonder if they're setting up for making money from selling XP downgrades with driver packs..
  3. For months? Weird that the "driver selector" page finally popped up on my login... or maybe I just hadn't been looking in the right place. ??

    There must be some question on your comment about "removed XP driver support"... I have a T3400 which came with Vista and am offered to choose any of the 6? OS options and get the appropriate drivers. Also offered choices on D9200 and V400.

    One thing to mention... on some recent models it appears Dell is messing with the BIOS to discourage or prevent changing OSs from the one which was shipped. On my recent V400 purchase, I tried to replace the XP Home which came on it with XP Pro... the machine would not accept a BIOS update nor would it recognize the NIC... had to switch back to XP Home.

    There was some indication of this in one of my D9200s too, but I didn't pursue it to determine the extent of it.
  4. bl33p


    Your T3400 has probably also been offered with XP. The case of driver options gone missing has hit at least some XPS models which have never been offered with XP. Dell removed the possibility to select XP driver download even if they do have the drivers! But finding them without the menu options is nearly impossible.

    Anything to ramp up Vista sales?!? Personally there's nothing in Vista I need, XP is 1/5th the size and 5/1th faster.
  5. zdreg


    why should dell care whether you have vista or windows xp?