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  1. Bought another Dell last week and was surprised that they dont send any software other than whats on the hard drive. I did get a cardboard CD that says to use the system restore feature of XP.

    I format the hard drive of my new machines (they come with too much crap)and every 6-12 months for a fresh operating system. Many others do this as well.

    I bought a Dell a few months back and got about 4 CD's with that system along with the XP operating system CD. So I formatted my new system and used that CD and it works great. I hope that I am doing nothing illegal but I paid for an operating system with both of these machines.

    Attention Dell!!!! This is like buying a vacuum cleaner and just using the same dust bag for the life of the machine. Crazy things a company will do to save a buck.

  2. When I ordered my Dell last month, it gave me the option of getting the media or not (no charge). You probably overlooked it? If you call them, I am sure they would send it to you no charge.
  3. If your computer has the authenticity sticker/SN, that entitles you to a single licence. Its yours. Just about every name brand PC comes with this, Dell certainly does (unless you bought a Linux workstation from them).

    If you need replacement media, Dell, or even MS should be able to supply for a nominal fee (like $10). I have heard people getting these for free, but they had to quote the licence/Serial number for the OS. Call them up.

    Yeah, its a pain, but consider this: with some laptops you only get recovery CDs - A norton ghost image to recover the OS, not install it. Thats a bigger pain.
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    That's strange. I bought a Dell from Dell Small Business about 2 months ago and got a bunch of CDs including the Windows XP sp2. You should give them a call and ask.

    First thing I did was format and re-install windows. I hate all the extra crap computer makers put on your new computer to slow it down.
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    There is no way that flat panel is an LCD for that cheap of price.

    The 19 inch was CRT right ?
  6. there are cd images on the hard drive. i was told by a friend. look before you format.
  7. was a 19" e193fp flat panel that come with the system. Not as fancy as the 1905fp - but not bad.

    BTW.... It also came with a free printer that I dont need. If anybody needs one, Id let it go for $25 plus a few bucks for shipping.

    Check that link to the Dell "outrageous deals" small business site for the best buy on Dell desktops. Looks like the current systems displayed are good til June 29th. Check back on the 30th for new configurations.
  8. they go for pennies on ebay.

    the ink is priced more than the printer itself.

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