Dell says 3PAR accepts its upped offer of $24.30

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  1. Dell's 2nd offer beats HP's bid of $24 a share

    Dell says offer values 3PAR at $1.6 billion

    So, America is in a "liquidity" crisis, hum ?!:mad:
  2. Rumor that Cisco is going to try to buy 3PAR at 25.50, CEO of CSCO say that he will not let HP Acquire at any Price.
  3. H-P increases bid for 3Par to $27 a share from $24 a share following Dell's offer

    That´s the reason why you guys in the US have a serious unemployment problem. Companies spending hoards of cash for more than questionable mergers and acquisitions...
  4. yeah, they throw billions around like it was nothing.

    like with those same billions they couldn't reproduce the same thing at half the cost.
  5. gotta be some shmucks out there still short from pre bids. sux to be them
  6. All that for a company that sells a software that lets you view on a screen your harddrives that are installed in a Storage Area Network. A company that has been losing money. Most people do not even like the 3PAR software.
  7. Dell might offer 28 a share friday. Cisco will hold off unless HP tops to 29 where Cisco will probably offer 30
  8. These companies sitting on billions in cash must believe hyperinflation is coming to throw away so much money at this company. Analysts expect 3par to net about 16 million dollars in the next 2 years. Why would anyone buy a company(that right now is losing money), so they can make a 1% return in 2 years? The only other reason I could think that HPQ or DELL would want this company is they want access to all those customers of 3par.
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    You've got it backwards. It's the other way around. Gives HP's huge global salesforce something new to sell to their clients. Regardless, it's a ridiculous waste of money for either company. For a $18 pricetag, one could make somewhat reasonable arguments as to it's value. But at $27 or higher? Absolutely nuts. Memo to BOD's: price matters.

    One gets the sense that no matter what Dell offers, HP will outbid them.
  10. So 3 companies competing now?
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