Dell Sale on Refirb Precision Units

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by grommitt, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. grommitt


    I just received an e-mail from Dell Outlet announcing a 15% discount on all refurbished Precision workstations (including, of course, the T3400, so highly regarded on this forum). The discount is good for online orders only, and expires 1 May 09.

    Enter Coupon¹ Code at Checkout: 0JMGWR26TRFZW?

    Outlet Precision inventory:
  2. lpchad


    You can build a better system new for less than the $2000 average price of these refurbs
  3. Or, you could buy a base unit for $435, then buy a Q9400 at Newegg for $220... and for $655 you've got a decent quad...
  4. Any opinions on the dell-referbs 17 and 19 inch monitors?
  5. They have the same warranty as new.
  6. grommitt


    I just bought a pair of Dell refirb 2209WA monitors. $179 each plus $16 California sales tax and $16 recycling fee. These supposedly have IPS rather than the common TN panel technology.

    They are the first LCDs I've used, so I can't say how they compare to others. They seem to be in perfect condition. They have no dead pixels or bright spots. There is no bright haze on the perimeter of the screen. Although the image isn't as sharp and fine as the CRT Trinitrons I had been using, the tradeoff for more screen real estate is acceptable (and they pivot to portrait).

    Parenthetically, I also bought a refirb T3400 at the same time. Two days later Dell sends me an e-mail touting a 15% discount on their refirb Precisions. I phoned to ask for the discount. No deal. Not the best way to ingratiate yourself to your customers. :mad:
  7. 1. That's a very good price for the high quality panel. (Not sure it's IPS... might be S-PVA.... in either case, still good!)

    2. "Image not as sharp"? Are you using DVI? Resolution set at native?
  8. grommitt


    Yes, using DVI. Yes, resolution set at native (1680x1050)

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    Once again Dell Outlet has a one-week sale on refirb Precision units. It's a 15% discount on online sales. Coupon code:
    Q8?W25KM31H9L3. "Expires 5/20."

    Apparently this sale occurs monthly, with no advance notice.
    Sign up for their e-mail list at:
  10. Historically these sales have been less frequent than "monthly"...

    Vostro 2510 has apparently been discontinued... wouldn't be surprised to see the T3400 suffer the same fate.
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