Dell Production Problems

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  1. On July 22nd I ordered one of those new Dell 17" colored laptop for my daughter for college. The shipment has been delayed twice. Now estimated shipment date is 9/5/07. Six weeks to build and ship a computer? Apparently Dell is experiencing QC problems with the finish.
  2. You're buying a laptop during back to school buying rush.

    Try buying it between Oct and Thanksgiving. It'll be at your house the week after
  3. Why are you buying a 17inch laptop for your daughter? She's not going to like it when she realize that her laptop is not so mobile.

    Get something that's less than 6lb... 5lb preferably.
  4. Ha! That's probably when I'll get this one. :p
  5. I agree with the mobility issue. She has a Dell 15" already. So, if she needs a laptop in the classroom she can use that one. I wouldn't have bought the new Dell if I hadn't lost a bet with her that she wouldn't get an A in her college algebra class. I figured it was a safe bet. It worked for my parents. I never did get that 1976 AMC Javelin. :mad:
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    I had to wait five weeks for an xps1330 in europe.
  7. Sheesh... she gets a spiffy laptop for getting ONE "A"? You should have been my daddy. I used to get $10 for getting ALL "A's", but grounded for 6 weeks when I got anything less...
  8. Yeah, I know. I got hosed. Good thing I only got 1 kid.
  9. He didn't ask what kind of laptop anyone thought he should get.

    And ordering in the summer doesn't mean it should take 6 weeks. Order at Thanksgiving, that'll solve it! Wow...
  10. I have a friend that works for Dell. She said the glass cutters are geared up for cutting the larger, more expensive widescreen panels and are seriously backordered on all the smaller units.

    It will be weeks before they get the orders for smaller monitors filled.
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