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  1. Here's one for the conspiracy theorists out there...

    If you paid for Dell's Premier Warranty Support (or Premium Tech Support as it's called in some places on their web site) you may want to call tech support (800-624-9896 for U.S. Home and office) and enter your Express Service Code.

    I just bought a new Dell two days ago. I had a minor question; I could've Googled it but I decided to take the Dell Premium tech support for a test ride.

    Anyway, tech support wouldn't recognize my express service code. I ended up waiting in the general support queue for 25 minutes (supposed to be about 5 mins for Premium).

    I finally got the second Dell tech to admit he wasn't in the Premier Tech Support group and transfer me to them. They informed me the express service code wouldn't be registered in their system for another 7-10 days. The warranty period started 5 days AGO.

    I think Dell is playing a little game. Let's charge a little more for a 'premium' warranty, chances are a lot of people won't call. If they do, cry "technical glitch" and promise it'll be fixed next time they call (if ever). This way Dell gets to keep the money and handle that first, if any, call with the lower cost option.

    I spent a few hours going all around Dell. Got them to credit me the warranty today and purchase it again to change the effective date. However, it's still not working. Thank goodness for hands-free headsets so I could do my thing while I was on hold. I figured I'd get my money's worth out of Dell one way or another.

    Anyway, if you paid for extra support call Dell today and take it for a test ride.

    Good luck to all.
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    Dell's support is among the worst of the major computer makers. They just don't have enough support staff to match their surging sales cause they want to lower their expenses. Thats what wall street will do to you.

    I still buy all my computers from dell because their quality is top notch. I especially like their new dimension 9100s.
  3. I got a 5100 with the 1905 monitor, pretty nice rig once I removed all the extra stuff Dell loads on it.

    I was concerned with what I'd been hearing about Dell's service so I upped for the Premium warranty. My experience with 'Premier" has been less than satisfactory; I paid even more for crappy service. I'd say save the warranty money and pray you don't need Dell's help.

    Next time I'll go to the business side and see if it's any better. If not, I'll have to go another route.

    Good luck to all.
  4. I was thinking of getting a Dell laptop until I read on one of the opinions websites that they will weasel out of fixing screen problems unless you purchased the extra-cost accidental damage coverage. Does anyone here have first-hand experience with this?
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    Loufah, I had an lcd go bad on my dell laptop and they fixed in no questions asked in about 5 business days turn around from the day I shipped it off til I got it back.
  6. Inspiron or Lattitude and Home or Small Business?
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    Inspiron 1150


    The hardest part about getting it fixed was having to go through all the tech bs with a live person before sending it in. Hell the guy walked me damn near taking the whole thing apart before he said to send it in. I have a Dimension 3000 that I bought back in January and now the fan is getting real loud on the power supply but I purchased the 4 year at home with it.
  8. i have a 600m inspiron. (home site)

    i sent my laptop back for service twice.

    both time the service/turnaround was excellent.

    i sent it on thursday afternoon. i received it back on next tuesday. the turn around was great. i thought i was @$$ed out for 1-2weeks like the laptop company i worked for a few years back.

    i have the 1yr mail in (cheapest at the time) service.

    i buy dell b/c of its quality, they're generally good. i've had other dell computers and feedback from friends were great. and the service was awefully quick... (by experience). both times was regarding the laptop LCD. the computer works fine. both time they replaced the LCD panel.

    the best of all.. i didnt have to call those guys. the first time, i reported the problem over *email*, and they sent me the box.
    the 2nd time, i reported the problem in their online chat room. and this method took a bit longer...
  9. Two days later and still no premier warranty support..

    I'm glad this is a preemptive strike. I'm primarily checking to see if I'm getting what I paid for with the upgraded warranty/tech support. So far so bad. If they don't have the 'glitch' fixed in the next few days I'll request a refund on the upgrade.

    Yea, I know they have e-mail and chat support and it works for minor issues. But what if you walk in and your machine is down! You call. (I do have a backup machine, but it's now my wife's - I'd have to fight her for it).

    FYI: The Dell box is working great and this 1905 monitor is nice. I also got the speaker bar that attaches to the bottom of the monitor. I don't need superb sound, and these speakers do fine and take up zero desk space.

    Good luck to all.
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    I got a new Inspiron 700m for traveling purposes about 2 weeks ago. It arrived with 2 dead pixels and I looked up Dell's policy. It doesn't consider the laptop defective unless it has 6 or more dead pixels.

    Since the pixels are not in the center and I don't have time to waste with returning (with possible restocking fee) and ordering a new one. I'm just gonna accept the 2 dead pixels.
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