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  1. This is the selection I am looking at. If I'm off track with anything, please advise.

    Quote for this system is $2,435 and with 3x27" monitors costing $1,945, the whole would be $4,380. Painful, but if I cost it over 5 years it would be $73 a month as a cost of doing business.

    1 Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor E5-1620 (Quad Core, 3.60GHz Turbo, 10MB)
    1 Dell(TM) Precision T3600 635W 90 Percent Efficiency Power Supply TPM
    1 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 RDIMM Memory, 1600MHz, ECC
    1 256GB 2.5'' SATA3 Solid State Drive
    1 2nd 500GB 7200 RPM 2.5'' SATA2 Hard Drive
    1 PERC H310 RAID Controller, T3600
    1 Dell(TM) Precision Heatsink
    1 8X Slimline DVD+/-RW Drive
    1 Graphics : 1 GB AMD FirePro V4900 (2DP & 1DVI-I) (1DP-DVI & 1DVI-VGA adapter) (ELGA14B) 1 Internal Speaker

    1 Windows Live Essentials
    1 Dell(TM) IEEE Firewire 1394 PCI Card
    1 Windows 7 QFE
    1 Windows(R) 7 Professional 64 bit (English)
    1 Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
    1 Dell(TM) Backup and Recovery Manager (DBRM) V1.3 for Windows 7
    1 Dell Precision Performance Optimizer
    1 Symantec End point Protection -Drop in Box (12 Months)

    1 Custom Partition-50% Primary/Remainder 50% Secondary
    1 ProSupport: 7x24 Technical Support & Assistance: 3Yr
    1 3Yr ProSupport: NBD Onsite Service

    Dell UltraSharp U2713HM 27" Monitor with LED
  2. If you don't care about cost, then you are spot on.

    If you care about cost...

    1. Buy the computer from Dell Outlet.

    2. You probably don't need 16GB RAM... like 8GB is more than enough. ECC RAM is more expensive than NECC.

    3. Backup is essential, but I'm not big on RAID.

    4. Suggest 24", 1920x1200 monitors... they're half the cost of your proposed 27"ers. To run 3 monitors, you'd need a 2nd NVS 300 video card... and from that you could run 4, 24" monitors if you choose.

    5. Firewire is virtually obsolete. USB 3.0 much faster and more available.


    Consider this...

    Precision T3600 •Processor: Intel Xeon Four Core E5-1620 Processor (3.6GHz, 10M, Turbo)

    •Genuine Windows 7 Professional
    •Dell Outlet Precision Fixed Workstation T3600, 425W Tower
    •500GB 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 16MB Cache
    •500GB, 7200 RPM 3.5 inch SATA 6Gb/s Hard Drive
    •2GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
    •8X DVD +/- RW Optical Drive
    •512 MB NVIDIA Quadro NVS 300, Dual Monitor



    Replace the RAM with a proper 8GB RAM kit for <$100.

    $900-$1200 for 3, 24" monitors....

    and you're in the rig for $2,000-ish.

    (For the $2,000 I saved you, you can send me a case of Fat Tire!)
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    if you are looking at a 5 year horizon, you are a bit short per say... do a quick comparison of cost for the E5-1650 vs. E5-1620 .. given the 5 year timeframe, you are better off with 6 cores, you dont know what future trading apps will do...

    also, look at adding 2 SATA drives( 2x 1TB and mirror with internal raid controller), in addition to the SSD... and for the SSD... can you source HDDs in-country? meaning... you can perform the upgrades yourself... it will be more cost effective and you can pick better than what DELL will sell you... so you can get the free drive from them, and add the SSD and additional SATA yourself...

    also, if you really are going to keep for 5 years, add the additional warranty... specially for the 3x27's... you will not go wrong with that extra money and terms of peace of mind.

    can you source in-country a eSATA PCI controller? if so, get that instead of the 1 Dell(TM) IEEE Firewire 1394 PCI Card.... you can get an external drive with eSATA for backups..
  4. I do care about the money, but unfortunately I am in Thailand and both Dell Outlet and HP Business Outlet do not ship internationally.

    Re the FireWire, I see from the list below that it is optional. I'll get them to take it out. Thanks for the heads up.

    My current setup had 8GB RAM and with TWS running I sometimes get the insufficient resources warning. I'll pay the little extra never to see it again.

    Re monitors I am really undecided. 27" is nice but they do cost an arm and a leg. The Firepro V4900 can run 3 monitors direct which is why I chose it over the NVIDIA NVS300. If I opt for 4x 24" monitors then I'll go for 2x NVIDIA instead - if my understanding of the max connections on the link below is correct (Compare Side by Side).

    I/O Ports

    3 - USB 2.0
    1 - USB 3.0
    1 - Microphone
    1 - Headphone

    3 - USB 2.0
    2 - SATA 6.0Gb/s

    5 - USB 2.0
    1 - USB 3.0
    2 - PS2
    1 - Serial
    1 - RJ45
    1 - 1394a (optional)
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    I would get still get 27"... but that is just me... I paid around $650 for each of mine... what I would question is if you need 3 of them... two, are truly plenty (clearly, depending how many charts you are doing and what you are paying attention to at the same time...)

    from what I recall you are swing, so you can "switch" instruments... so think about how you will use them first...and go from there...grab a piece of paper and draw boxes and fill in the blanks as to what charts or what you would have within... that will help you.
  6. "Resources" is not RAM. If you're getting "too low resources" warning, it's either because you're running too much hardware or there is a software problem gobbling up your resources. Adding more RAM won't cure a "resources" problem.

    If you're getting "resources" warning and it's not a faulty software issue, you should divide your requirements between 2 computers.

    And yes, I've experienced "resources" issues myself.

    As far as how much RAM you actually need, check your Task Manager when all trading apps are loaded.

    Can you find someone in the US to buy from Dell Outlet and send to you?
  7. ofthomas


    wow, I've ignored your comments for the most part, but this is just sheer ignorance on your part... running too much hardware generating a resources too low message at the OS level... now i know that you lack understanding of computers overall... lmao...
  8. +1000

    ignore almost anything scataphagos offers as advice
  9. Will check on the E5-1650. I never chase the latest and greatest in tech, I decided long ago that was an exercise in futility, so 5 years would be a minimum. When I was buying laptops I would pick my desired screen size and pay for the top of line. Never regretted that, so I can certainly see the wisdom in your advice.

    Re the hard drives and similar upgrades, I will have to check. Stuff sold here typically has a sticker sealing the case with "Warranty void if broken" on it. They make sure you go to authorised service centres, and since Dell don't have those I asked the sales lady if I could get techs out to do upgrades. She said yes, just pay the service fees.

    The discussion in the link is a bit over my head, any of it relevant?
  10. This is something I'll need to work on and think about. Yes, I don't day trade but the thing with option spreads on TWS is there is no price history. Cdcaveman taught me to chart the spreads so that history can be seen (up to 1 month back).

    So 1 chart for every open position, plus charts for the various spreads I happen to be evaluating/monitoring for an entry and real estate gets used up pretty fast. I've been clicking a lot with my current 19" and 23" monitors, so having more space to just leave them in place would be a welcome perk. Big bucks though.
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