Dell Precision T3400s For Trading... W7 Ultimate

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  1. I replaced all of my home network's T3400s with T3500s.

    I have 3, T3400s, left... perfect for trading, All in PERFECT condition.

    (1) Core2Duo, E8300, 2.83Ghz, 4GB RAM, NVS 290 video card.
    (2) Core2Quad, Q9300, 2.53Ghz, 4GB RAM, NVS 290 video card.
    (3) Core2Quad, QX9650, 3.0GHZ, 4GB RAM, NVS 290 video card.

    All come with W7 Ultimate-64bit installed (+ OS reinstall disk), 500GB HDD, keyboard, mouse.

    $225.00, for the E8300
    $250.00, for the Q9300
    $300.00, for the QX9650 Extreme

    You pay actual shipping charges, I won't be marking that up.

    My new ones don't appear any faster in trading environment or in using the internet, but at least they're newer.

    Buy with confidence. I've sold a few computers and perhaps 40 video cards to ETers over the years and never hosed anybody. I won't be hosing you, either.

    PM if interested.
  2. NoBias


    Darn good deal

    If I weren't living in Europe I would grab them in a heart beat

    [shipping and duty is outrageous]
  3. Compared to what you guys in Europe have to pay for computers, these would be dirt cheap.
  4. OnClose


    How many monitors will these computers run?
  5. With the video card they have now, 2.

    However with 2, pciex16 and 1, pciex8 slots... you could run 12 monitors with quad-port video cards.
  6. Noticed just today... Dell has removed the T3500 from their "available lineup of workstations". Apparently meaning... T3500 won't be getting Win 8. This is how Dell has done before... one day a model just disappears from the available list... no fanfare, no announcement.

    Also means... T3400 and T3500 will perform virtually the same on W7 in a trading environment and overall... except T3400 costs less (prices on T3500s have remained stubbornly high). If you want a GREAT computer for cheap, get a T3400 while you can.

    (I'm posting this from my last remaining T3400, running 4 monitors... complete with data, charts, multi-tasking other apps... still primo for trading. When I first learned of the T3400, its specs and price... I thought, "DAMN... that's a lot of computer for the money"... still is.)

    If the T3500 is no longer available, it's still good until the end of W7... 2020, at least. T3400 also runs W7, so it's also good until 2020 or better.

  7. Everyone should be off XP by now and at least to W7. (just a general opinion)

    There is nothing stopping people from upgrading to W8. It's not like W8 won't work on those boxes - I run a lot of boxes that came with XP or Server 2003 and they all have either Server 2008 or W7 on them.

    I would expect to see Dell make the move over to their Precision line being only dual-socket motherboards. Their Optiplex line is getting split up - the small boxes will migrate into Atom/Thin Client boxes, the smallest boxes will turn into zero client boxes and the bigger Optiplex boxes will be dual/quad/hex core single-socket motherboards.

    Things fundamentally changed when the Xeon CPUs started sharing the same socket profile as the non-Xeon CPUs. You can interchange an i7 and a Xeon these days where you couldn't before. Because of this Precision will stay dual-socket only and Optiplex will be single-socket only.

    Just my opinion based on the very little development feedback I get from them.

    Those T3400's and 3500's are great machines and will last many more years. It also doesn't hurt to have a great price from a great seller!
  8. I have to laugh.

    The week after I bought an i7-950, Intel introduced the i7-2600K.. making my i7-950 "yesterday's news" and effectively obsolete.

    A week after I replace my T3400s with T3500s, Dell discontinues the T3500s.

    Wish I could time the market so fortuitously.

  9. NoBias


    What I find humorous, is nobody has purchased these yet.

    Mark my word in a few days will be the inevitable "Help me build a reliable Trading System" . Will barrage you with hundreds of questions, but not take advantage of an obvious good deal. They are barely the price of a quick scalp.

    Both you and Scat have always been extremely generous with your tips and technical advice. Someone should grab these if for no other use as back up's and show a little good faith.

    I always believe in patronizing those who display a true willingness to share and help others. It isn't like Scat is trying to make a killing, he is darn near giving them away.

    I would have bought them all when I first saw them offered if it wasn't for Shipping and Customs being so exorbitant.
  10. Shiaww... I should be asking more for them..

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