Dell PC... Upgrade From XP Home to XP Pro

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  2. Might be true, but years ago, ('o4?) when having trouble with a new pc, with xp home, it was explained what it was supposed to be used for-the computer guy just said "oh, right-home is absolute bollocks, pro should work though". And it did!

    Home always sucked, was my take.
    As far as vista goes,
    I dont know i'd want to use a operating system that's been widely "adopted" though, it doesnt sound right.:D
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  3. 5 years from now almost all programs will still run on XP and may well run on a linux variant as well.

    When my computer is slow (before actually) I will replace it ... and run XP and linux.

    I have always turned off the XP eye candy so "Why would I want vista?" And don't think that prefetch would make me change (i'll just get a faster disk drive).
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    Just installed the 3244 XP SP3 beta.

    Stable (like you'd expect of XP) and better than vista. :)

    <img src="">
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    There is only one for sale on eBay at this time, and you can't see the version/year.

    These disks may be getting scarce....
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    All gone fellas, sorry.
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