Dell PC... Upgrade From XP Home to XP Pro

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    Microsoft has stated:

    1. XP will no longer be available after January, 2008.

    2. Support for XP Home will continue for 2 years after XP is no longer available. There will be no Extended Support.

    3. Extended Support for XP Pro will continue for 5 years after Support has ended for XP Home... That's currently, 2015.

    If you have a Dell computer with a PATA controller (like a Dimension 8300 and earlier), I have a few Dell XP Pro + SP2 Reinstallation Disks which you can use to upgrade your OS.... they work great. I've used these disks on 4 of my computers without any problem installing them or using Windows Update.

    These disks do not have a SCSI nor SATA controller driver, so they don't work on the newest rigs.

    $20, each. Shipping included. A retail copy of XP Pro is $149, minimum

    Ron H.
  2. Gnome,

    I had no idea Sata or the other mattered? I got a Dell install disk and popped it in my new Dell E510 4 months ago and it works fine. I have a 2 year old Dell that run XP Home, but it's a Dimension 4700. I guess that would be SATA right?
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    Apparently there is an XP SP3 due out soon. be sure to get your copy to tide you over the 5 years or so before Vista has had all the bugs ironed out, PC's have the power to run it, and all the dll and driver issues have been solved.
  4. gnome


    I didn't know it mattered either until I tried to do a fresh install of XP Pro on a new 9200 with a Reinstallation disk I've had for a couple of years.

    I'll find out when the SATA controller driver went on the Reinstallation disk...

    Your 4700 is PATA. The first Dimensions with SATA were the 8300s... and their controller has both PATA and SATA ports.
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  6. skepticaltrader

    skepticaltrader Guest

    Hi gnome,

    Do you think the disks of Windows XP pro will work with my Dell Inspirion 9300?

    I currently have Windows Home on it?

  7. gnome


    Probably not. I think yours has an SATA hard drive, and that's the problem.
  8. skepticaltrader

    skepticaltrader Guest

    It appears that I have an IDE controller. Is this correct?

  9. gnome


    Whoa, Surprise! I think you're in business!! Looks like you have a PATA controller.

    Do you want to try one of my XP Pro disks?
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    It's 12:30 Mountain time, and I have to run. PM me if interested and I'll get back to you later today or tomorrow AM.
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