Dell P2210 vs Samsung 2243BWT

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  1. I just received 2 of the Dell P2210 (for about $180 ea), hooked them up and am trying to compare them to the Samsung 2243BWT (~$250).

    I've had 2 Samsung 172T monitors for about 6 years that have worked very well.

    The specs on both the Dell and the Samsung appear to be about identical; other than the power consumption (Dell 22W vs Samsung 45W). They share some of most important features to me:
    - thin matte black frame
    - matte screen
    - landscape to portrait rotation on factory base
    - 3 yr warranty (Dell seems to have a slight advantage because they just send out a new monitor, then return the old)

    Would the something I'm missing, such as the panel in the Samsung (listed as "a-si TFT/TN"), be considerably better than the Dell? Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure what you're asking here, but if you are finding a difference between your 172T and either of these newer monitors, it's because your 172T has a PVA panel in it and both of these new ones you mentioned ( Dell P2210 and Samsung 2243) have TN panels in them. The PVA panels will look better and provide way better color reproduction than the TN panels.

    The Dell P2210 doesn't come up on the sites I use which tell you which panel is in which monitor, but I'm almost positive that there's a TN panel in it.
  3. I'm pretty sure that the Dell uses a TN panel like you mention. Does the TN panel have a lesser lifespan? Or is it primarily related to colors?
  4. I don't know about lifespan. My research indicates that it's primarily a color reproduction issue. Of course, gamers like the TN panels because they have faster response times.

    If you go to the anandtech.con forums, you can post questions in the LCD thread. xtknight is very helpful and there's a ton of info there.
  5. Thank you!
  6. If the price is low, it's a good bet that is has a TN panel (though Dell has a low-priced e-IPS panel one).

    You can also tell by the viewing angle. If 160 degrees or less, it's TN for sure. If 170 degrees, probably TN. The better panels will list 176-178 degrees.
  7. I don't know what the differences are but you may want to consider Samsung 2243SWX.

    I picked up a few of them from the local Fry's Electronics for $179.99 plus tax each. I love them. The contrast is great, better than ViewSonic.

    2243SWX has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (2243BWT is 1680 x 1050). You are gonna love the higher resolution.
  8. I was looking at that and the 2343BWX (really like this one for $199 @ MicroCenter), but neither have the rotating factory base to take it from landscape to portrait mode.
  9. I ended up returning the Dell P2210 monitors and keeping 2 of the Samsung 2343BWX. Although they are both TN panels, the colors on the Samsung seemed slightly better and less washed out (maybe something to do with better contrast???).

    Thanks for the help and suggestions.
  10. I think that is what's called the contrast ratio (I might be wrong).

    It's funny when I shop for a good TV or LCD monitor, I don't look for the ones with the brightest color/display. I look for the ones that have the darkest black (with the monitor turned on, of course).
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