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  1. Has anyone ever purchased anything from the Dell outlet.

    I was just on their site looking at lap tops and I swear they must misprice them sometimes. It seems that I have noticed this happening before as well. you will see the exaxct same computer with identical features selling for 2 different prices.

    I just purchased a Dell inspiron 710 model for $774.00. I just checked back again now and I see the exact same model selling for $994.00. Identical features?? Unless I am missing something that is not in the underlying description, but everthing seems to be exact feature for feature??

    Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with them?
  2. i prices change on the outlet site all day long. you have to just keep watching for the deals.
  3. Well maybee then I might be better off watching PC qoutes and trying to trade those instead of stocks.
  4. Yeah - they do change inventory & prices frequently. But check the included software notes carefully. Sometimes they include MS Office. Other times - nothing.
  5. they move inventory fast, and you have to be fast to get a deal since prices keep dropping as time goes on until someone grabs them....

    I have a deminsion 510 from the outlet and it was reconditioned as they say, but runs fine and came with all documentation and CD's for the OS etc....

    prices may vary on a given models since no 2 seem to have the same ram, HD and software...etc....

    you have to read ALL of the specs. to make sure you're not buying blue smoke.........
  6. you should have bought a new e510. they had a deal 3 weeks ago the e510 1 gig of rama nd there best 20 inch monitor the 2007 fp ultrasharp(it cost $520 alone). i bought the whole combo for $760. the e510 is the sweetest desktop i've eve rhad. the design is awesome and it is so quiet
  7. yep i've got the e510 w/o monitor and it cost me $665...

    there was an identical one for $478 but it was gone before I could click on lasted around 15 seconds
  8. I bought a laptop not a desk top. I am actually looking now for a Dell dual CPU workstation on Dell's web site. Prices seem to range between 2K and 6K depending on the set up. I need to due some more research and ask around a bit because I want to buy something very good but not overkill.

    I want to get a dual core CPU with about 4g of ram. I am trying to figure how much I really need and how much it will cost me. 2K is one thing but 6K is a bit overkill for me right now. I wonder if it will even make a difference. Anyone have any recomendations?

    I am using X-Trader, e-signal data feed and have 5 19"monitors right now. Looking to pick up a few more 19" ers soon and run maybee 5-10 total off 1 PC.

    Thats why I don't know how much power I need out of a desk top.
  9. tnc$ddc


    Just for information, I'm running a Dell XPS with a 3 GHz P4 Processor, with a 240 gig hard drive (RAID 0) and 2 gig of RAM.

    I'm running 8 monitors (six 18" and two 19" Dell's) using 3 Matrox graphics cards (one AGP P650 dual card and two PCI G450MMS quad cards).

    I fill them daily with charts and data from eSignal, Ensign Charts, Medved Quotetracker and NeoTicker. I also have 2 execution platforms displayed (J-Trader and MB Trading).

    I also have 2 chat rooms running along with Pit Traders Audio.

    I have been running this set up, or something similar, for over 2 years with no computer problems.

    Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Nice set up.

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