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  1. from dell business outlet if a workstation has win7 pro 32-bit installed and also shows it has the "Genuine Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit Operating System DVD"

    will i be able to choose to reinstall with 64 bit option from that dvd?? i thought microsoft includes both??

  2. No. The DVD is either "Win7, 32-bit" or "Win7, 64-bit". You could of course buy Win7, 64-bit software on the retail market.
  3. thanks for the info...was tryin to figure cost
  4. What are you looking to buy on Dell Outlet? I have a sense of their "price vs. value"...
  5. was a t3500 with a 3520 processor 779$

  6. At this hour, didn't see the T3500 you quoted on the Dell Outlet (nor you ET-online).

    How about this one for $649 w/o OS - then buy the W7 64-bit aftermarket OEM or retail (approx $150) and install it yourself: (or similar workstations on page [after 15 minutes])

    Precision Workstation T5500 Tower
    Processor: Intel Xeon Processor E5503, 2.0Ghz, 4M Cache, 4.86 GT/s QPI
    No Operating System
    250 GB SATA Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
    4 GB DDR3 ECC SDRAM 1333MHz (3 DIMMs)
    16X DVD ROM Drive128MB ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO

    ... should be Scataphagos approved... Bolimomo, too

    ... maybe :D
  7. LOL!

    Actually, I wouldn't go for that one... CPU is too wimpy for the cost.

    I think the T3500 with W3530 CPU for $779 is better deal.

    Actually, I don't know what advantage the T5500 would have unless you wanted to run dual CPUs.

    If you want a REALLY good deal on Dell Outlet, you have to check back frequently. I alerted ETers to a T3500 with W3530 CPU that was available for $579. Of course, it didn't last long.
  8. LOL! Thanks for a good laugh stockwrangler. :p

    But if you follow my posts... I have only used a Dell while worked at a call center. I had never owned one for personal use. I am a HP guy! :D (I used to work at HPQ. But that's way before they seriously got into the PC business. Their own Vectra line sucked! I can say it out loud now! :D Their good move was in buying Compaq - which bought out Digital... )
  9. Yeah, made an error - but also couldn't resist a little fun here in the well-respected Hardware Forum with two of its (mostly) right-on contributors.

    Looks as if all the recent favorable thread ratings (except for the flagship thread) have been deleted in the past few days; doesn't matter - it won't stop trading computer-interested folks from always checking in.
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