Dell Outlet.... T3500 w/Xeon W3690... FAST.. $20

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  1. Not really $20... but it is only $20 more than what Newegg charges for the CPU alone. Outlet price, $1,099.

    W7-64, 12G RAM, NVS 295 video card.

    GREAT DEAL for one of you knuckleheads...

    Outlet also has a T3500 w/W3565 CPU... which ain't shabby.. $819

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    The one you listed is gone (as expected). I picked up a similar unit the other day for over $100 less than the Newegg cost of the processor alone. I still want to build my own unit (someday) but when I saw that deal, I couldn't resist.

  3. Have you checked the temperature of the cores on your W3690?
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    No, but it's definitely on my ToDo list. Besides just being curious, I noticed that the CPU heat sink is much smaller than I would have expected and the fan is not close & ducted. :eek:

    Recommendations on ways to get these temps? I see several programs out there - like this one that seem quite easy to use.

  5. Real Temp is OK... has some more advanced features than some others. I've used SIW for a long time.. it's a freebie. Does much more than just CPU temp.

    That the heat sink is small is a plus.. likely means the CPU runs cool. On higher-end Dells, they don't use a fan cooler on the CPU... just a heat sink and then draw ambient air over the heat sink. Great engineering for effective cooling and noise reduction. (My neighbor has a T3500 w/X5650... tiny heat sink, no CPU fan... very quiet.. and he says, "blazingly fast... faster than anything we have in the office"... he's an architect... too bad he didn't consult me before overpaying on all those HP workstations for the office.... LOL)

    I've been wondering about the idle core temps on the W3690... considering it's the hottest clock in the line... (I've got a W3530 which runs @ 27-30C)

    When you get a chance, please run SIW or other and let us (well, me) know about the core temps... thanks.
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    It's just before 5pm est and the temps ranged from 26 - 32*C for the 6 cores. Obviously the market is much slower now than in the AM - have to check on it then if I get a chance.

    Currently running eSignal, Ninja, Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice - kinda figured that this cpu would coast in conditions that bogged down my old dual-xeon workstation. eSignal frequently max'd out the processor it was on & forget running tick or second-based charts.

    I'm hopeful that this unit will keep me functional for a few years - quite amazed at the low temps & the size of that heat sink ...

    While I was in there, I noticed that my NVS 440 is running at 58 & 60*C (two sides - 4 monitors). I'll need to see what the acceptable range is for that card. I purchased two NVS-295 cards but they apparently won't work until I upgrade my monitors.

  7. How noisy are dell workstations these days? I had one 10 years ago with dual p111 that sounded like a jet engine.
  8. Nvidia says their cards are OK even to 80-90C.

    NVS 295s won't work until you upgrade your monitors? What does that mean? Your monitors have DVI port, yes? Use the DVI-DP adapter.

    Tick charts can take up a lot of CPU... especially if you're running more than 1 or 2. Suggest replacing your tick charts with 1-min charts.
  9. The old ones at higher clock speed ran fans at higher speed and could be noisy.

    The T3500s are very quiet...
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    I recently purchased two refurbished t3500s (W3570). Does the bios need to be updated? Current BIOS is A01. What BIOS version should these have. The Dell support site does not report any updates based on service tag. Should the BIOS update be updated to A11? Thanks.
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