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  1. Probably fairly small, but an issue I've had enough of in the long run. Bought a laptop for my oldest. Well, it didn't have what it was supposed to have on it, which ticked me off to begin with. I called and talked to Habib in India who barely spoke English. I had to ask to repeat 5 or 6 times. He then transferred me as it related to a McAffe subscripition that should have been on it. Mrs. Habib answered the transfer and was even harder to understand. I had to ask to repeat pretty much everything, and not just once. I was polite, but I won't deal with this again. I will buy from a company that has local support from now on. What a bunch of crap. If lower cost means no service then it is time to lower cost here. I am not going to pay more to buy a computer, and I can live with buying parts and building. If it means I never buy a laptop again that is fine with me.
  2. Buy something from their business lines.... especially "Precision". Product, support and service much different than from their budget lines.

    I currently have 5 Dell Precision computers. One is a Precision M4300 notebook. All are excellent... as is support and service.... English speaking tech folk on American soil.

    I can recall 3 service issues over the last years.... about a dozen computers considered here. 1. Erratic optic drive. Dell replaced immediately. 2. Error message.. apparently about memory. Dell shipped out replacement memory right away. 3. Power supply died for notebook. Dell shipped replacement immediately.

    Can't ask for better than that.
  3. I feel your pain! I had an hour plus long discussion with Dell yesterday upon restoring a hard drive that crashed and I had a valid image of restored to a second hard drive on the same Dell machine. When I went to login in it popped up a window from Microsoft that my product key from my pre-installed OEM version of XP was not valid and wouldn't let me logon to my computer.

    Long story short Dell's only solution is to re-install the OS from my original CD and lose all of my applications and patches from the last two years. So because of a stupid MS OEM licensing issue Dell wants me to completely reload my system from scratch. I'm done with Dell also and will probably never buy another computer with OEM OS from Microsoft either. // End rant :)
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  5. Dell overall has a weak reputation... somewhat deserved... likely from buyer experiences from purchasing budget computers.

    If y'all would stop buying cheap-ass machines and step up in quality, you'd see Dell in a different light.

    Dell Precision buyers would likely give Dell 9/10.
  6. Possibly buying from the business side is the answer. My previous purchases were from the Business side, and I did have 2 issues which were resolved quickly by people who clearly spoke English as their 1st language. I believe were in America also, but wouldn't matter as long as I could resolve the problem and not have to ask torepeat everything that was said.
    Cripes tried to find a number to call Dell and let them know how irritated I was, but couldn't find anything that got me to a US number.
  7. I've got a phone number to Dell Support for Precision.

    If you think that might do you some good, PM me and I'll look it up.
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    Consider buying a Dell (or anyone else, since support is overseas) from a retailer...Best Buy...(might not have all the models)...if any problems, just bring it to them...(bought 2 Dell laptops at BBY, never had a problem...don't know what kind of support they give)...

    As above, the Precision line support is topnotch, though have only used them a couple of times in 5+ years...and top of the line computers, at least the desktop line...
  9. Thank you, but since it is an Inspirion from the Home side probably they would transfer the call. I'm supposed to recieve an email asking for input on my call. We'll see if it comes. I won't be obnoxious, but I will make the point that not being able to understand the help is not at all acceptable.
  10. I have a great Dell machine which I bought locally but my next Dell will come from Walmart. If it isn't right then I'll take it back.
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