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    monitors it self are fine, they dont have vesa mount option and that what the reviewes are complaining. they hsould have checked the specks before buying.
    Any who.... New egg has some cheap full HD monitors now...and great deals.
  3. a month or so ago i saw Hannspree 24" 1920/1080 on sale @ major retailer for 100 bucks a piece. now that's a deal!
  4. Shitty monitors.

    You want the U2412Ms

    If your gonna spend all day staring at screens trading, at least invest on a decent monitor.

    The Dell U2412m series are the the best deal going.
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    here is a deal on the ones recommended above
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    Who is making monitors for Dell these days? Awhile back Samsung was making some of their better models, and I picked up a couple Dell/Samsungs for quite a bit less than the Samsung brand name version, and they are still working great.
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    I was wondering the same thing...

    I am in the market for 2 big monitors as well...
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    While I completely agree with your statement about IPS panels, both of the units you listed appear to be TN ... :confused:

    Here's a reasonably comprehensive list of IPS-based monitors

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