Dell monitor question

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  1. edil


    The 30 inch has a dot pitch of .250 so it will be comparable in sharpness with the 20 inch but more than twice the real estate.

    In my case, i like the 22 inch dot pitch of .282, just the right size text for my eyes.
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  2. Last month, I bought a Dell E2209W for $205.00 ( +$8 enviro fee and $17.00 tax ) for a total of $229.91

    This was down from the suggested retail price of $259. It wasn't on sale around Black Friday ( Thanksgiving ) but I asked them to come back with a "price" for me over the phone, which they did . . .


    This morning, I see that their "new" retail price is $239 and they just lopped a huge $65.00 OFF for a Sale Price of . . .


    This is a SCREAMING DEAL!!!

    3-year Warranty.
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  3. bstay


    i currently use a Dell 20" E207WFP as main monitor and old 17" as second. I'm buying a new PC that comes with 22" Dell E228WFP, with same 1680 x 1050 as the 20".

    does that mean that my old E207WFP actually view sharper than the new E228WFP? at same resolution. So i should continue to use the 20" as main monitor? and use the 22" for mini-chart watchlists then.
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  4. Other things being equal, the 20" will be sharper than the 22".
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