Dell misses earnings!!!

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    Go figure, who is buying computers and new laptops in todays economy, remember back in the late 90's when DELL could do no wrong, those days are long gone, DELL will probably never be a $20 $30 or $50 stock ever again. MSFT, HPQ, CSCO and the rest of tech are going to continue to fall

    Price targets:

    MSFT $10-$12
    HPQ $18-$20
    CSCO $8-$10
    AAPL $65
    RIMM $30
    INTC $8-$10

    Dell Earnings, Sales Fall; Both Miss Expectations

    Companies:Dell Inc
    By: | 26 Feb 2009 | 04:13 PM

    Dell reported a big drop in earnings, falling well short of what analysts expected from the company. Dell's quarterly revenue also missed forecasts.

    Elise Amendola / AP

    The personal computer maker said that it earned 18 cents a share in the fourth quarter, on revenue of $13.4 billion.

    In the same period last year, Dell turned in a profit of 31 cents a share on sales of $16 billion.

    Dell was expected to earn 26 cents a share, according to a consensus from analysts who following the company. It was expected to report revenue of $14.18 billion.

    Shares of Dell [DELL 8.21 -0.15 (-1.81%) ] were down about 2.5 percent in extended trading after losing 1.8 percent to $8.21 a share in regular market hours.
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    I wonder if Dell has anymore advice for the leadership of Russia. The same county that was first in space, had a freakin space station, has some of the greatest scientists the world has ever seen. Anymore advice from a hardware salesman?
  3. My 5 year old PC can do the same things my 5 month old PC can do. The newer PC simply has more HD space for porn.
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    What about beloved GOOG? My price target is $50 and i feel i am being agressive with that.
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  6. Thank God we got yet another "cut and paste" article from S2007S

    Where would ET be without him?
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  7. Dell Q4 EPS was $0.29 vs. $0.26 Expected. CNBC (see article above) has their head up their ass.