Dell just put out a mammoth 43-inch monitor for traders — and we tried it

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tiddlywinks, Jan 12, 2020.

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  2. Too my surprise DELL is a publicly traded company on the NYSE. I just found out through a recommended YouTube video about DELL.

    Its market cap is only 37B, which I'm certain is far below the good old days when DELL was on the Nasdaq before Micheal Dell took it private.
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    Or you could hook up your laptop or desktop to any large screen TV for free.
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    you can but the TV resolution is far too coarse.
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    Actually the reason they went public again is that the trump tax plan had a serious negative consequence as they were highly levered.
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    The 42" monitors were available for quite sometime.
    There are quite a few makers including Philips.
    Great monitors actually.

    But I still prefer the multiple 32" monitors because of my table arrangement and eye level height.
  7. Not curved, blow me.
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    Could've swore I saw something similar years ago but maybe it wasn't 4k. The only cool thing I found was how it had multiple hdmi inputs so in theory, You could set it up as up to 8 seperate monitors and have 8 real desktops, not just split screens.
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    Not on the 55" 4K TV I've been using since late 2015.
    Get one where you can turn the Video/Motion enhancement and sharpening off.
    I treat the 4K as a four-up sized monitor. A lot of pixel real-estate for info display.
    The only down side is I keep using it for working on my high-res photo images instead of trading.
    It's sitting towards the front of the desk that I sit ~2' back from.

    Next up will be a pair of 65" 4K.
    • One on the wall at the back of the desk for the important stuff, which will provide the identical angle of view as the 55" where its sitting now.
    • And a matching 65" 4K above it, aimed down, for less important stuff that I want to be able to see just by looking up. I don't want to be bringing windows forward on the primary monitor that block, even temporarily, my primary monitor's info.
    • The 55" will end up to the left, in portrait, for additional tasks run on another box, that can also run my platform as backup.
    At my viewing distance(s) curved isn't a benefit. And single focus (non bi-focal, non progressive) glasses work great for viewing all of the screen. Low stress. You can see anything on the main monitor just by moving your eyes. Everything in focus for providing the visual cues that something has happened. I will have to lift my head to bring the upper screen into view, so it's only suitable for info there you're seeking, or scan then return to your primary screen. Having to scan the upper monitor frequently is asking for repetitive stress problems.

    At closer viewing distances, curved quickly becomes a very nice to have, if not essential. With a flat screen, the wings end up being too much of a percentage further away, hence a different viewing size in the centre vs. at the wings. Tried flat and close at a friends, annoying, drive you nuts, adds stress. Curved brings the wings in so it's same/similar viewing distance as the middle of the screen. Much nicer.

    Anything that makes your time in front of the monitor less effort, less time, less stress, is worthwhile. I'm using a crazy-stupid code formatting now that uses a blank space between text and the delimiting characters. Very ugly. But boy does our mind ever make quick and easy work out of scanning the code as it seems to naturally parse on the white space; faster, easier, less stress, and more accurate. Along with meaningful names (Java), I can just fly through the code. No longer feel drained by the effort. Refactoring productivity seems like it's two to three times faster. Quality is better too, but the more I do the better I get at it, so that may not be fair to claim as a benefit.
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    I do not understand what kind of trading people do that switching/changing from an old slate of 2-3 24" or whatever monitors, at whatever old rez, to this super high-def 4K stuff will do for them, and improves said trading.

    I can understand if you have a bank of 4-6-8 small monitors, and wish to shrink them down to two curved giant monitors, fine. But 4K def? Jeez, what the hell!
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