DELL is over 50 MA

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    with higher lows. Just the volume is not surged today like RMBS.
  2. Dell had its day in the sun.

    H.P. is eating them alive.

    In addition:

    A few years ago on forums where people who really know computers hanged out all you would hear is Dell, Dell. Dell when it came to who to buy a computer from...

    Lately, you don't hear much of that at all..but you will hear a lot of:

    Dell Sucks!
  3. True Dell had it's but they still have very large accounts with other companies to supply all of their desktops, laptops. and other IT needs. I would count them down but not out. This has a 2007 turnaround story in it. Let's see what happens? remember when HP was in deep before the merger with Compaq.
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    Have u heard of:
    run out of sellers

    Look at the daily chart:
    the past 2 big gap downs are heavy volume with green candles
    even has uptrend line auto draw

    look at this morning's it out perform the market!
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    DELL has plenty of problems, how its share price has gone from 18-19 to 23+ is beyond me...
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    If it is beyond u, it means u need to change ur way to follow the market or big money in order to make money.

    I made the same mistake before to have too many half bottle opinion about the market. Got burned big time. Had to rise from the ashes by correcting myself to see what market sees.

    Now I just think I am nobody, let me check what others are seeing & follow the price movement. Cause I just want to be a big market follower & making money is my game. Life is good when KISS.
  7. Dell is oversold and HP is horribly overbought.

    Dell has a better business model than HP.

    They just need to 'sexify' their consumer line of PCs.

    No one can compete with Dell on price; they are an efficient, mean, lean machine.
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    DELL is bullish today. Good for my calls:)
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    Someone deleted my post that would of made them over $1 a share today....why?
    Aren't we here to make money?
  10. I deleted your post because it had link to a site which has been spammed here before.

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