Dell is full of it.

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    My father, who is not very computer savvy, called Dell today to get a quote on a computer. He explained all of his needs, and asked for them to recommend the best system for him.

    Without going thru the whole quote, let me give you an example of what this salesman tried to pull. My father does some video editing of still photographs. (He is in the furniture business, and gets pictures of samples sent by suppliers from over seas.) His current computer which does the job fine, is 5 years old! I would be surprised if he has more than an 8mb video card. The only other thing he does is cruise the internet. He doesn't even know there are games for desktops!

    Geuss what the salesman recommened for a Video Card?

    ATI RADEON 9700 pro

    Not a 7000, a friggin 9700 pro!

    unbelievable. A Top of the line $350 dollar gaming card for someone who does not even play games!

    My dad had no idea. He was going to buy it.

    People make me so made sometimes!
  2. why don't you just configure a computer online for him at the dell website instead of having him rely on a phone salesperson?
  3. Let 'em have it! WarCraft III, Counter Strike! Come on he doesn't know what he's missing.
    Although a 9700 Pro can be obtained by tweaking the 9000. You can save a full $100 on it.

    What's the relation to trading BTW?? Should I go long DELL 'cause they tried to rip off your pops?
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    I did not know he was in the market for a new computer. I just happened to swing by his house tonight and he asked me to take a look at the quote. I would rather have him get one from anyway.

    I still can't believe they tried something that ridiculous.
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    Good point.

    I was just venting. No relevance to trading at all.
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    Funny thing is. I am actually short their biggest competitor, Hewlett-Packard.

    I may have goofed that one up!

  7. You're short hpq? What time frame?
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    2 to 5 days. Sold it this morning at 19.09.
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    You are lucky. Although they claimed that there was a 14-day money back guaranteed, I had to complain to the State Attorney General in order to return the PC and software to them. The whole returning process takes over two months.
  10. I used to do third party phone support for Software and Hardware companies like Dell.

    They take advantage of you, and most people don't know that the little guy down the street can build you a computer for half the price of the same spec Dell model.

    Computers are just tinker toys. If you buy the parts wholesale you can put one together yourself in about 45 min to an hour, if you know how to read directions.
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