dell going down!

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  1. short dell because don't think there is enough fuel to push it through resistance 28 yet.
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    what makes you believe that it is running on empty? of you are big of a drop do you see and how fast?
  3. Me not going to say you wrong but me will remind u that now Dell computers are now being sold by Walmart!! They now easily accessible to those who feared ordering a computer online...

    Certain people bash WalMart but the fact remains, Circuit City on verge of losing more money due to competition from WalMart and electronics and I believe Dell hooking up with WalMart is very huge for Dell.

    But if you shorted DELL, me hope you right and you make $$$$.
  4. Gents., nothing is for sure, with that said i only try to make educated guesses judging from past behavior and conditions. looking at dell, i can tell there is not much volume or any thing spectacular to push it through 28 and unless something changes it ain't going to happen. i placed a tight stop over 28 <mental> but i want to see 27 before it tries to rush to 28 again but if it breaks i'm reversing my position right away.
  5. covered at 27 today <i called that yesterday, didn't i?> . There is a trend line right below 27 and if it gets broken it's over for dell for a bit anyway but i think it might rush to 28 again and try to go through it and i'll be watching.
  6. I totally agree. DELL is definitely a good SHORT!!

    If you guys go back to the early 90s, DELL did hook up with SAM's Club like what it did now with Wal-Mart and it was a FAILURE and that's why I do not hink that the Wal-Mart hookup is going to work out for DELL.

    HP is gaining market shares in the PC industry.
    Apple I-MAC is growing so fast that it is stealing market shares from the PC industry.

    People lost their faith in DELL becasue of their poor services and products' qualities.

    Most important: Accounting Probe.
    Until today, we still have no idea what is going on with its accounting works and all the released statements are preliminary. I think the Street have overlooked the accounting probe and placed too much focus in the Wal-mart hookups and the Return of Michael Dell. It is very obvious that Dell is using a very aggressive accounting policies to make its accounting statement to look better than it should be (e.g. Treatment of warranties) and this is definitely a RED FLAG.
    I believe that the stock will down at least 15% if DELL announces to restate its earning due to the accounting probe.

    In the Point & Figure, $29 is a major resistance and I don't see any sign or reasons that DELL is going to break through.
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  9. although i made my decision on technical basis, you do make a lot of sense as far as funmentals. however, i covered my position already for a quick point as i explained why in my previous posts, so far the stock is behaving the way i thought it would but i'm waiting for a breakout either way as we need a catalyst <earning report- product........ etc.....>.